Great Forest of Evasha is a forest located at the south of Abelion Hills.

Background Edit

This large forest seems to be filled with monsters that are considered dangerous to the Slane Theocracy's troops.

Chronology Edit

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc Edit

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During a conference held between the Six Cardinals, the Theocracy was noted to be currently at war with the natives of the Great Forest of Evasha. Particularly, the Theocracy had a cooperative relationship with the elves in the forest at first. However, at some point in time, relations between them fell apart, and the Theocracy was now warring against the Elves with their own power.[1]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc Edit

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The Elf King noted that the Slane Theocracy feared the possibility of losing their military troops to the monsters in the Great Forest of Evasha.[2]

Layout Edit

It was implied there are multiple forest terrains to the south which may happen to be the Great Forest of Evasha based off of what Igvarge seems to be most likely inferring to. According to him, there had heard been an establishment of large settlements somewhere there as it was a place where the Dark Elves are known to dwell in.[3]

Known Inhabitants Edit

Based on the conversation spoken of among the Theocracy's Cardinals, it was mentioned that there are elves living in the Great Forest of Evasha.

Trivia Edit

  • Among the possible locations, war between the Elf Country and the Slane Theocracy is most likely being taken place here in the Great Forest of Evasha.
  • It is also probable that elves from the Elf Country are using guerilla tactics against the Theocracy in this supposed location during the war.
  • It was probable that when the dark elves left the Great Forest of Tob, some could have possibly migrated and settled here in the Great Forest of Evasha instead.


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