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Granz Locker (グラズン・ロッカー) was an undead magic caster who was a member of Corpus of the Abyss. Alongside Kunivela, he had migrated to an unknown city after it fell into ruin.


No information on his appearance is given.


According to Benjeli Ansis, it was not unusual for Granz Locker, who had no maximum lifespan, to lose himself in research; hence, his assumed self-isolation from the rest of the organization's members.


Granz Locker was one of the oldest members of the Corpus of the Abyss's inner circle.


The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc[]

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One day in particular, it was said one of his fellow members, Banezeri Anchas was hoping to visit Granz Locker's stronghold with the intention of trying to learn how he reached the 8th tier from him. However, Granz was not around during that time. When Banezeri checked his stronghold, Banezeri noticed that everything belonging to Granz including his research and wealth had been taken away. Apart from Kunivela, Granz Locker is most likely one of the liches Suzuki Satoru had killed. Suzuki and Keno are presumed to have taken the lich's personal belongings before leaving his place. After they left for some time, Banezeri arrived to his colleague's stronghold to discover its current situation.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

According to Banezeri, Granz Locker is a practitioner of 8th-tier magic. As he has a high-ranking status in the group, Granz had dozens of servants such as Elder Liches on guard duty for him.


Banezeri Anchas[]

It seems Granz had a cordial relationship with Banezeri as the latter has to pay various prices in being able to visit his stronghold.


  • Based on Keno's estimation of this undead's strength, he was considered the first powerful foe which Suzuki Satoru had encountered in the New World. However, since Granz is presumed to have been easily killed by Suzuki, this point is rather moot.


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