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Grand Mother (グランドマザー) was the Queen of the Pandex in the Abelion Hills.


Grand Mother was a monstrous-looking maggot.



Sometime in the past, Grand Mother met Beebeezee, who developed a crush on her. When Jaldabaoth invaded the Abelion Hills, the Demon Emperor had Grand Mother executed and gave her severed head to one of his trusted demons, a Circlet Demon.


The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

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Grand Mother's head was used by the Circlet Demon that ruled Kalinsha. The demon later used Grand Mother's spells against Neia Baraja, CZ2128 Delta and Beebeezee when they came to assassinate it.

After Neia successfully killed the demon, Beebeezee ordered his remaining royal guards to consume Grand Mother's remains.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Grand Mother as a spiritual magic caster could use the Yang principle of the Five Elements. She was able to cast her spells in unison with the Yang - Five Element. In addition, she possessed special strengthening techniques that can enhance certain elemental spells and cast magic spells up to the 4th tier.


  • Grand Fireball: Since it is of the 4th tier, this spell is presumed to be the superior version of Fireball.
  • Lightning Claw: A spell that casts a stroke of electricity in the shape of a beast talons through the air and do electric damage to an intended target.



Despite being of a different species, Grand Mother was Beebeezee's, first love.


  • Though the Circlet Demon had access to Grand Mother’s magic spells, it was unable to utilize her strengthening skills to enhance its magic.


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