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Golems of Lemegeton (レメゲトンの悪魔) are golems made of rare metals. They serve as guards and are located in the Lemegeton room inside the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


Golems of Lemegeton are statues designed to resemble the 72 demons mentioned in Solomon’s book, a magical grimoire. They are golems, made out of extremely rare magical alloys. They have a ferocious-look and robust bodies.[1]


The Golems of Lemegeton are 67 golems that serve as guards in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. They are located in a room called The Lemegeton on the 10th Floor. They were based in the demons from Solomon’s book. There was originally supposed to be 72 golems at first, but the guild member, Luci★Fer, responsible for their creation got bored with the project and quit halfway during the process of making them.[2]

Abilities and Powers

The golems are made of rare metals and they are able to move with agility that belied their heavy bodies.[3]


  • Ainz was planning to use them to defend himself if one or more NPCs revolted against him.
  • Among the golems is Gremory, a loli golem created by Luci★Fer.[4]


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