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Golems (ゴーレム) are artificially created constructs.


In the Web Novel, if YGGDRASIL was a normal DMMO-RPG, the body of a monster would disappear immediately after death, so this would provide many advantages to the players.

In this case, a player could make an artificial Golem made out of Dragon Bones due to the amount of data put into it. By playing around with this data through the use of creator tools, one could create their own Golem. In addition, the player could program that Golem as an AI to use for gatekeeping and for transportation.[1]

However, the process of making golems are rather difficult to perform in the New World and is not very well understood.[2] Because their production takes considerable time, effort and cost, even the weakest ones would require a significant amount of gold coins to create. This is because golem creation techniques are not firmly established. In order to produce even the weakest Wood Golem, the most high-ranking wizards would need several people for a year.[3][4]


Golems come in a myriad of forms depending on their purpose and materials used in their construction. Common Golems are created from wood, clay, flesh, and stone, but others can be made out of almost any kind of material.


Golems are generally classified according to the construction materials they were made with.


Golems are incredibly strong constructs with endurance comparable to the undead. As the Golems are constructs, they do not need nourishment or sleep. Additionally, Golems will never suffer from fatigue or even the ravages of time, and thus, they are treasured as guardians and laborers.

Created through magical means, Golems could obediently carry out their master’s commands once they received them.

Meanwhile, in the New World, it was revealed that golems don't have the ability to speak.[5] However this could be circumvented by having a pure golem implemented with speakers attached or made through secret techniques. In addition a Golem's strength scaled with the value of metal used to construct them, the creator’s abilities, and the data crystals added.[6]


  • Aura commanded a troop of Golems in creating a stronghold in the southern Great Forest of Tob. The golems used by Nazarick portrayed in the Anime differ from their portrayal in the Manga, as the Anime depicts them as animated suits of armor, whereas the Manga depicts them as bulky stone constructs.
  • Originally, the Golems from Nazarick acted as the spectators in the Amphitheater located at the 6th Floor of Nazarick.[7][8]
  • If an NPC revolt happens, Ainz Ooal Gown can telepathically order the Golems from Nazarick in case of an emergency.
  • The Magician's Guild in Re-Estize uses wood golems as security guards.[9][10]
  • Borrowed from Nazarick with permission by Ainz, a set of Golems have assisted in the fortification of Carne Village.[11][12][13]
  • There are four Golems standing guard over the Empire's captured Death Knight. They were once considered as contenders for a supplemental workforce, but due to cost and logistics, that idea was scrapped in favor of the undead, which were much more strategic for economical use.[14]
  • The Royal Palace of Feo Berkana was once guarded by armored statue type golems until they were destroyed by the White Dragon Lord.[15]
  • Luci★Fer specialized in creating golems and hid his creations throughout Nazarick.[16]
  • One of the Supreme Beings was a Golem user, and was referred as the "Sword Saint Golem".


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