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Golden Bird Mask (金鳥の仮面) is an item once owned by Peroroncino.


Golden Bird Mask was Peroroncino's personal equipment. After Peroroncino retired from playing YGGDRASIL, he handed this gear over to Momonga. Peroroncino said he didn't mind Momonga selling it, but his friend kept it instead and treasured it in the Nazarick's Treasury, inside the most important room where the Avataras are stationed.


This mask is gold in color with a beak-like face and two wings above the eye-holes.


No description on its abilities is given.


  • The name of this item was only revealed in the Anime, there was a label that pointed at the Avatara wearing Peroroncino's equipment toward his face.[1]
  • It makes it actual appearance in Peroroncino's character sheet in Volume 9 of the Light Novel series.[2]


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