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Gold (金) is a metal found within the YGGDRASIL and the New World.


Gold is often associated for its intrinsic worth, hence it was used as the third-highest denomination in the New World currency. In addition, gold was the fourth-highest adventurer rank.[1]


It is a yellow-colored precious metal.


A precious metal valued for its monetary value. It has many uses, in the production of jewelry, coinage, sculpture, vessels, and as a decoration for buildings, monuments, and statues.[2] Gold, especially in YGGDRASIL, was invaluable for its use in funding the various game systems, such as crafting, dungeons, NPCs, resurrections, etc. The metal was distributed throughout the game via various monsters available for players to contend with.


  • One gold coin is equivalent to 100,000 yen.[3]
  • YGGDRASIL's monetary system made use of pure gold in its coinage, whereas the gold coins used by the nations of the New World had only a fraction.[4]
  • In the New World, 3 gold coins were enough to feed a normal family for a whole month.[5]


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