Goblin Weather Forecaster is a member of the Goblin Army.

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When the Re-Estize Kingdom's army under Crown Prince Barbro attacked Carne Village, Enri Emmot used the second Horn of the Goblin General and managed to summon an army of 5,000 goblins. Among these goblins, was the Goblin Weather Forecaster.[1]

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In Carne Village, when Enri praises what a great weather it is today, one of the soldiers from the Goblin Army agreed with her words, informing her that the Goblin Weather Forecaster say it will be sunny all day long.[2]

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Goblin Weather Forecaster have the capability to predict the weather.

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Like all the goblins summoned in the Goblin Army, he is very loyal to Enri.

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  • The Goblin Weather Forecaster is a member of the Goblin Rear Echelon Support Unit.
  • Just as his name suggests, he is most likely either a druid, priest, or possibly another class entirely since these two classes are known to have something to do with the weather.

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