Goblin Strategist (ゴブリン軍師) is the strategist of the Goblin Army.

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He is a goblin that is dressed like Zhuge Liang. He has a long mustache and a pointy black beard.

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Goblin Strategist is the overseer of the Goblin Army and adjutant to Enri. He is very intelligent and shrewd with considerable leadership and management skills.

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When the Re-Estize Kingdom's army under Crown Prince Barbro attacked Carne Village, Enri Emmot used the second Horn of the Goblin General and managed to summon an army of 5,000 goblins.

The management of the Goblin Army is being handled by the Goblin Strategist with various squads and corps leaders handling their specialized troops.

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 The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc Edit

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After being summoned by Enri Emmot, he commanded the Goblin Army to repel the Re-Estize Kingdom's army under the command of Crown Prince Barbro. Jugem relinquished his command of the battle to the Goblin Strategist after successfully leading a withdrawal of the remaining forces of Carne Village.[1]

Abilities and Powers Edit

As the Goblin Army's tactician, the Goblin Strategist is responsible for the military strategies used in battle. He is very intelligent and talented evident by the masterful deployment of his forces during the battle with Re-Estize Kingdom's army. He was able to counter all offensive tactics employed by the Kingdom while maintaining increasing pressure on the main body of the opposing army which ultimately resulted in their immediate withdrawal. He also shows significant foresight in deciding to spare the enemy army's commander in order to contain the opposing army's withdrawal and prevent any vengeance inspired counter-attacks.

Main Equipment Edit

  • Hand Fan

Relationships Edit

Enri Emmot Edit

Like all the goblins summoned in the Goblin Army, he is very loyal to Enri. She is his commander and friend.

Jugem Edit

Once back behind friendly lines, Jugem relinquished his command of the battle to his junior, the Goblin Strategist.

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