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“We are the subordinates of her Excellency, General Enri ─ the Goblin Paladin-Knight Squad! We pledge our loyalty to her Excellency!”
— Goblins announcing themselves to Prince Barbro's forces.

Goblin Paladin-Knight Squad is a division in the Goblin Army summoned by Enri.

Background Edit

The Goblin Paladin-Knight Squad serves as one of the Army's cavalry squad.

Chronology Edit

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc Edit

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During the initial clash between the Goblin Army and Crown Prince Barbro's forces, the Goblin Paladin-Knight Squad intercepted the prince's knights when they tried to flank the Goblin Heavy Infantry Corps.[1]

Strength Edit

This unit is composed of seventeen knights ― wreathed in brilliant, silver light and riding on silver wolves instead of horses.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Maruyama, one of the goblins in this squad is ranked to be the second strongest paladin in the region.[2]


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