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Goblin King (ゴブリン王) is a legendary figure known in the New World for slaying dragons.


Since he is called the Goblin King, they most likely have racial characteristics of a goblin.


In the Web Novel, the Goblin King is said to not hold any hostility towards the humans as he is married to one of their kind. The Goblin King's positive attitude towards the female human was to the extent of allowing her to accompany him on his way to face his adversaries, such as dragons.


In the Web Novel, the Goblin King was seemingly in a relationship with a human princess and married her. He was said to have had a family with her, as she was pregnant with his child. He also rode on a dragon alongside her to fight something even stronger than dragons together. Everywhere he went, the Goblin King would challenge new foes and easily achieve victory over them.[1]


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

After a discussion with Momon, Theo Rakheshir would remember stories about infamous individuals who carry a myth of their own. The Goblin King was among the people he believed to be real.[2]

Abilities and Powers

The Goblin King was considered to be a powerful individual capable of slaying dragons with a branch-like weapon. In the Web Novel, he is known to have fought a dragon in one-on-one combat and defeating it.

Main Equipment

  • Ash Branch: The Goblin King uses this weapon to kill dragons. In the Web Novel, the weapon is described to be a long and huge shaved-off branch with a cylindrical shape.


  • In the Web Novel, the folktale of the Goblin King is considered ridiculously popular to the few people who knew about it. This legend convinced people not to underestimate goblins, especially Enri Emmot who has control over them.
  • Unlike the Light Novel, there was more information about the Goblin King in the Web Novel.
  • Alongside Brightness Dragon Lord, the Goblin King was one of the two non-humanoid beings known so far to have impregnated a human.
  • Although humanoid and demihuman races could not produce offspring together, the Goblin King's wife, who is human, was able to successfully conceive his child. 
  • Jugem was mistaken for a goblin king, by Crown Prince Barbro's soldiers.[3]
  • When Ainz played a TRPG with some of the Floor Guardians excluding Cocytus, Victim, and Gargantua, they happen to encounter and combat an extraordinary monster known as the Goblin King.[4]


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