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Goblins (小鬼) are one of the demi-human races in the New World and YGGDRASIL. They are ugly, usually mischievous, and sometimes, malicious humanoids who dwell in the woodlands.


In YGGDRASIL, goblins were the lowest level of one, but various types, and so a goblin would have a name that suited its type, and it would change its level. In addition, the level could be determined from the quality of the weapons, and the extravagance of the clothes. This was a well-used element in RRG games where the color was the same but the appearance was slightly different, indicating different strengths.[1]

Goblins seem to have a comfortable relationship with ogres, as they are occasionally seen traveling and working together. However, it could have been just out of necessity, since ogres have been seen eating Goblins as food. Moreover, there were some Goblins who are treated as slaves to the ogres in Abelion Hills.

Since goblins sometimes prey on humans, the Adventurer's Guild would often get requests for goblin-hunting parties. As a result, these goblins are a major source of income for adventurers. Compensation is proportional to how many goblins are killed, so it's a custom to cut off their ears and sell them off.[2][3]

Types of Goblins[]


Goblins are small, ugly humanoids that stand barely three feet tall. They have scrawny bodies and hairless heads with massive ears and beady eyes. They have twisted faces, sport flat noses with two sharp fangs protruding from their large mouths. Their skin tone varies based on the surrounding environment.[4]


Goblins are a race of demi-humans who are not considered to be very strong or smart. At the same time, their solo combat prowess isn't that high too. However, the threat goblins pose depends on how numerous they are. For that reason, goblins will resort to dirty tricks, ambushes, and sheer numbers in groups to overwhelm their enemy.

Additionally, goblins are said to have better eyesight in the dark compared to humans. In other words, goblins have eyes which allows them to see in the dark clearly unlike most humans who can't see during nighttime.

Moreover, if they carefully concealed their small bodies in dark corners, it's possible for them to perform sneak attacks. For instance, when launching a nighttime ambush in a forest, they would surely be troubling foes for humans.[5]


Goblins are regarded as unsophisticated primitives by the humans' sense of standards in the New World. Despite this attitude, there have been various historical and fictional accounts depicting goblins in a better light. Goblins live in tribal groups, coexisting alongside ogres. This relationship is mutually beneficial for both parties, as the diminutive demi-humans provide food and leadership, while their imposing giant cousins offer their strength.

Whether it be in physical ability or in magic, strength is a key requirement for leadership in goblin society. Female Goblins seem to have a greater potential of becoming magic casters and are thus, respected among their kinds. In addition to that, wolves are considered to be their favored mounts. Ten pups is the norm for a Goblin family.

Known Goblins[]


  • According to the author Maruyama, goblins are a level 5 racial class.[6]
  • According to the Swords of Darkness, there are goblins that are capable of using 3rd-tier magic.
  • There is a magic item called Horn of the Goblin General which allows the user to summon forth goblins under their command.[7]
  • In the past, the Sunlight Scripture were given a mission of eliminating the inhabitants of a huge goblin village.[8]
  • In YGGDRASIL, a Goblin's strength ranges from level 1 to 50.[9] In the Web Novel, the weakest goblin Ainz know of were level 3 goblins.[10]
  • A Goblin Village was attacked by a Gigant Basilisk right before Momon slew it.[11]
  • The adventurer group, Darkness exterminated the Northern Goblin Tribe Alliance.[12]
  • Be it in height, physical strength, knowledge, or the rate at which Goblins produced Magic Casters, they were a race inferior to Humans in every way.
  • A human girl by the name of Enri Emmot is leading an army of Goblins located in Carne Village.[13] It seems that some of the Goblins (presumably from Carne Village) are either living or roaming legally in E-RantelSorcerer Kingdom.[14]
  • In the Web Novel, a goblin community that could be described as a kingdom that existed in the Great Forest of Tob but was destroyed by the Sunlight Scripture and Black Scripture.[15]
  • In Mass for the Dead, there is a monster called the Goblin Eater that presumable eats goblins.[16]


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