Go! Otokonoko! (がんばれ!おとごのご) by Irida (糸田) is the fourteenth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Mare Bello Fiore praises Ainz's handsomeness to his fellow male Floor Guardians. Demiurge agrees as well respecting his master's aura as not only as a magic caster but as a warrior. Cocytus comments he wishes to fight Ainz as a warrior. Mare adores Ainz in his Momon persona as a male. He suddenly questions why he dresses like a girl while his sister Aura dresses like a boy. Mare tries to think of the reason. Demiurge believes that his creator, Bukubukuchagama picked his clothes and thus he should not question it. He reasons its a way for a male like Mare to be able to understand the difficulties of a lady, which Mare's creator wanted to impart as a way to enhance his manliness. Mare accepts Demiurge's reasoning and promises to treasure his creator's intentions. Contrary what the NPCs think Ainz mentally thinks its because his comrade Bukubukuchagama had a weird fetish.

Character Appearances

Chapter Notes

  • In the Light Novels, Mare accepts his choice of attire as part of his creator's wishes rather than question it.
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