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Girl's Talk is a side story in the Overlord series. It was released on December 26, 2016, in a special edition of Overlord Volume 10.

Main Summary[]

The three female Floor Guardians host another tea party in Albedo's chambers.

Full Summary[]

Shalltear Bloodfallen enters Albedo's suite to find Aura Bella Fiora also present. Noticing her attitude at seeing the dark elf Albedo asks if there is a problem to which the vampire states there is not. The three ladies move into the room where Pestonya Shortcake Wanko prepared a trolley of sweets for their tea. Shalltear takes notice of Platinum++ Asgard Pekoe, a high-grade tea from YGGDRASIL. She attempts to teach Aura to truly appreciates it but the girl gulps it in an uncouth way and claims its bitter. Shalltear chastises her colleague for an unlady-like manner however her advice is unappreciated.

Turning her attention on Albedo, Shalltear asks why she summoned them for a tea party. Albedo claims that she just wanted to socialize with her fellow Guardians. Shalltear is skeptical but then takes in the view of the room and comments on the new furniture, as they are the same as those in the room of a certain Supreme Being. Albedo confirms it as she was given permission by Ainz to decorate her room in the same style as the Supreme Beings.

Shalltears believes it to be a little arrogant and maybe should have refused. Albedo takes it as an insult, demanding Shalltear is she should have refused a gift from a creator. The two glared at each other until Aura defuses the situation by telling them her room is filled with furniture from Bukubukuchagama and that Shalltear's is the same being filled with items from Peroroncino. Seeing two examples where two Supreme Beings gave their creations personal effects for their rooms, Shalltear is hesitant to continue with her argument.

She asks Albedo her wardrobe and is surprised that the Overseer Guardian was given clothes by Ainz. When the question of why Ainz has women's clothing arise, the two speculate perhaps he is courting women. They believe he is very popular with the opposite sex and must go through them constantly. Albedo is fine with that however is only concerned on who gets to remain at his side, otherwise, she would kill all others. The conversation soon devolves in the Shalltear and Albedo praising Ainz's personality and body.

Aura watching the scene asks herself if it's alright for these two to be her fellow Floor Guardians.