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Ginnungagap is a World Item under the possession of Albedo.


Tabula Smaragdina gave it to Albedo without permission from the rest of the guild members. Ainz noticed only just before the game was about to end, so he let it slip by.


Ginnungagap appeared to be a wand. It is about 45 cm long and, extending from its tip, a black sphere was floating in the air.


Ginnungagap can be used to destroy large areas. It is the most powerful World Item against physical objects, but it is not very useful against individual targets. This World Item is capable of changing forms.

However, it is weaker than a specialized divine-class item. Still, this World Item is quite strong in that it will never be destroyed or damaged.


  • Ginnungagap is a reference to the primordial void in Norse mythology.
  • Albedo's main weapon is the transformed version of this World Item, Ginnungagap.