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Ginedine Delan Guelfi (ジネディーヌ・デラン・グェルフィ) is the Cardinal of Water and a member of the highest authority of the Slane Theocracy.


Ginedine is a shriveled old man. He is so old that one can not correctly tell his exact age and his skin is of dusty brown hue.


Despite his old age, none could exceed Ginedine's intellect. He was able to deduce that a mere army of Death Knights shouldn't be the cause for Thousand Leagues Astrologer's fear and the reason why she is locked up in her room. In a way, he believed that she must have saw something which none of the Godkins may stand no chances against.



The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc[]

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy

After cleaning the sacred room and offering thanks to the Six Great Gods, the council sat together on the round table for a meeting organized by Raymond Zarg Lauransan to share the latest details about the war that Ainz Ooal Gown participated.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]


Raymond Zarg Lauransan[]

To two appear to be familiar with each other's actions. Ginedine was the first to see that Raymond was hiding something, like what happened to Thousand Leagues Astrologer. He expected him to piece together everything eventually and provided the fate of the Black Scripture member.


  • Given his title as Cardinal of Water, it is possible that he was a member of the Clearwater Scripture.


  • (To Raymond): "The law does not prohibit false testimony and obscuring the truth in this place, but we are colleagues serving under the same flag and lying is a grave offense. If you agree with this, let me ask you one more time: What are you hiding?"
  • (To Dominic about 7th Seat): "She did so out of despair. Or perhaps she must have suffered some sort of shock. It's true that an army of the dead is frightening. However, she's a member of the Black Scripture. Do you really think she would go into hiding just because of that?...It's because she saw something that even the God-kin could not beat. This report isn't complete, is it?"
  • (To Raymond): "..What are you trying to achieve by hiding that point? I trust you. I know you're not the sort of man who would use the Scriptures for his own gain. But why are you not revealing this?"


  1. Overlord Volume 10 Intermission


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