Giants (ジャイアント) are a race of enlarged humanoids.

Background Edit

Giants tend to be a very adaptable race coming in various forms and possessing specializations based on their habitat.

  • Fire Giant: These types are resistant to fire.
  • Hill Giant: These types dwell on the plains.
  • Sea Giant: These types could swim nimbly and breathe in the ocean.
  • Frost Giant: These types are resistant to ice and cold.
  • Air Giant: These types are resistant to wind.

Abilities Edit

Giants were essentially enlarged humans, but in addition to their powerful bodies, they also possessed racial abilities. Thanks to these abilities, Giants could withstand extreme environments which humans would be hard-pressed to survive, so they typically made their homes in such places. They were a demi-human species which had little to do with humans, who could only live on the plains.[1]

Culture Edit

Giants were generally a violent and dangerous race. However, there are some instances of peaceful interactions with other races such as the Sea Giants who come near the coast of the Roble Holy Kingdom to occasionally trade.

Known Giants Edit

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References Edit

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