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Ghouls (食屍鬼) are a class of lesser undead.


Ghouls are considered to be scrawny undead that are little more than skin and bones, but they are still a fearsome sight. Ghouls possess yellowed claws, which they use in attacks.


Like zombies, Ghouls tend to use numbers to overwhelm an opponent. However, they utilize their claws to attack their prey.[1] Particularly, ghouls were said to have a claw attack that could paralyze their opponents via poison when they inflict damage with it. If one were not to know about its paralytic effect and did not prepare against it, they could get chain-paralyzed or even TPK.[2][3]


  • When injured, instead of bleeding out blood, Ghouls bleed out a dirty fluid similar to bile.  
  • In the Web Novel, Ghouls were estimated to be level 1.[4]
  • Ghouls never made an actual appearance in the Anime, but in Mass for the Dead one made an appearance fighting Foresight.[5]


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