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Ghillie Cloak (ギリーギリーマント) is a magical item which Suzuki Satoru let his companion Keno Fasris Invern borrow during their journey together.


Suzuki Satoru equipped Keno Fasris Invern with the Ghillie Cloak as a safety precaution in case they encounter a very powerful enemy which required his companion using to successfully escape.[1]


The Ghillie Cloak was said to look like a tattered cape with cloth and strings dangling from it.


This cloak is considered to be an item that conferred exceptional stealth capabilities. Once the user puts it on, even the level 100 player like Suzuki Satoru would see the wearer as becoming blurry. In a way, it was very effective against adversaries with low perceptive abilities.


  • According to Suzuki Satoru, it was treated as almost being close to useless without concealment skills.
  • The use of the name Ghillie could be a homage to the Ghillie Dhu a Scottish fae creature is known to live a concealed life in woodlands only showing itself in order to kill trespassers and act as the protectors of woodlands they reside.


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