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Gauntlet of the Griffin Lord is an item equipped by Keno's father who is a Fire Elementalist.


This item was regarded as a national treasure in the country of Inveria.[2]


A gauntlet that was shaped to resemble Griffin’s talons.


It was a magic item that could summon a Griffin Lord for a total of 24 hours in the span of a week. Since the summoned Griffin Lord could be resummoned in a week’s time even if it were killed, generations of kings had historically used it to call up a vanguard for them. When Ainz Ooal Gown casted [Appraise Magic Item] it was calculated that it was equal to a Middle-Class Item by YGGDRASIL standards.


  • Prior to his death, it was said that the last king of Inveria happened to utilize it differently from past generations of kings who have used this item to summon a vanguard.


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