Gauntlet of Primary Colors (三原色の小手) is an item used by Keno Fasris Invern.

Description Edit

One of the many items Keno borrowed from Suzuki Satoru. She was equipped with it when the two infiltrated the royal castle to defeat a powerful undead.[1]

Appearance Edit

An eyecatching gauntlet that had a shiny gem set into the back of its hand.

Abilities Edit

It was a superior piece of craftsmanship that imbued with three spells:

  • Body of Effulgent Beryl: A spell which reduced bludgeoning damage.
  • Body of Effulgent Heliodor: A spell which reduced slashing damage.
  • Body of Effulgent Aquamarine: A spell which reduced piercing damage. Thus, it could be said that it lessened all physical damage taken by the wearer.

Normally speaking, these three spells would overwrite each other when cast and so they would not be able to coexist, but this gauntlet stood as an exception to that rule. In addition, each spell could completely negate one instance of the damage they resisted, and this item also retained that ability.

This item is not without flaws. The item would break if any of the negation abilities was used. It also bore the extreme drawback of not being able to equip any other items to that item slot within four hours of it breaking. 

In addition, the activation of this item’s abilities was not up to the wearer; rather, it would automatically activate if a certain amount of damage was taken. Frankly speaking, it would be considered a trash item to players of Suzuki Satoru’s level.

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References Edit

  1. Overlord Bonus Volume Chapter 2: The Two Set Off
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