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Gatenbarg (ガテンバーグ) was a human nation that had once existed in the New World, three hundred years ago.


Three hundred years ago, Gatenbarg was a nation founded by humans, who were mainly magic casters living in cities centered around the quick exchange of information using [Message].

However, due to their reliance of [Message], problems arise when the cities received three falsified messages. This was due to the magic being less reliable as the content of the messages becomes distorted depending on the distance.

Eventually, a civil war broke out between this country's cities over these messages. The infighting left the nation Gatenbarg in such a weakened state that it was left almost vulnerable to foreign invaders. For instance, many monsters and demi-humans took the chance to invade them while they were facing a dire crisis.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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The name of this country was reflected on during the imperial meeting of Emperor Jircniv, Fluder Paradyne, and several servants in the Imperial Palace about the reliance of [Message].[1]


The tale of its downfall served to be a cautionary warning to other countries and people from completely relying on the [Message] spell as a means of communication.  


  • It is unknown whether the Great Tomb of Nazarick also faces problems such as this in using [Message]. 
  • Gatenbarg is the only nation known by name to have fallen into ruin. 
  • Besides this nation's downfall, the bards used to speak of the tale about a man who murdered his wife based on the false information he received from a [Message].


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