Gan Zu (ガン・ズー) is an orc tribe that lived within the depths of the Abelion Hills.

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Gan Zu is a tribe of orcs that refused the leadership of the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and his plan to attack the Roble Holy Kingdom. For their defiance, Jaldabaoth imprisoned the orcs in internment camps where they experienced numerous horrors.

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The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc Edit

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The survivors of Gan Zu were discovered by the Holy Kingdom Liberation Army to be living in internment camps in the vicinity of Buser's city. Ainz and Neia personally interviewed the demi-humans, speaking to their representative, Dyel Gan Zu. Dygel explained the plight of his people to the Sorcerer King and their wish to flee from the Holy Kingdom and away from the bloodshed. When given the offer for sanctuary in the Sorcerer Kingdom, the orcs stated their refusal, as they did not fully trust him since he is part of the Undead and did not wish to fall under another tyrant.

However, after seeing the young human female defend Ainz, stating he was nothing like the Demon Emperor, Dyel reconsidered the offer. Though they were partially convinced that the Sorcerer King was not like Jaldabaoth, they insisted on returning to their former villages to seek out other survivors and flee the Abelion Hills.

Ainz respecting their wish, gave them food and even soldiers to make sure they made it safely to their homes.[1] It was revealed that Ainz transfer the orcs through his teleportation spell.[2]

Strength Edit

The ordeal with Jaldabaoth and being at the mercy of his sadistic demi-human thralls and demons, left the tribe mentally broken.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the Web Novel, there was an orc tribe, known as the Crooked Tusk, where Demiurge operated his human breeding farm.


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