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Gagaiz is a Dwarven Miner of the Dwarf Kingdom.


He has the same typical look as any other dwarf, with a long beard, short height, and covered in dirt.


Like every dwarf, Gagaiz enjoys a draught of beer after a long day's work.


Gagaiz works as a shift leader in the mines of Feo Jera.


The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Gagaiz greeted Gondo Firebeard at the mines of Feo Jera. Together, they mined for heatstones and after that collected their week's earnings.[1]

Abilities and Powers

No known abilities have been stated so far.


Gondo Firebeard

Before Gondo moved to the Sorcerer Kingdom, Gagaiz was Gondo's shiftmate at the mines in the Dwarf Kingdom. He tried to encourage his friend to be more social and have a drink after work.




Dwarf Kingdom
Regency Council
Commander-in-Chief Forgemaster Merchant's Guildmaster Master of Caves and Mines Cabinet Secretary
Other Citizens
Gondo Firebeard Magic Craftsman Gagaiz Chief of Staff Manager

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