Furt Family was a former noble family in the Baharuth Empire after Emperor Jircniv revoked their nobility status. However, unable to accept this, they continued their lavish lifestyle by resorting to excessively borrowing money.

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During Emperor Jircniv's ascent to power, he consolidated his power by removing the aristocratic families he saw as obstacles to his authority. Later after wiping out the major noble families, he turned his attention to the remaining nobles and revoked their nobility status due to incompetence. The Furt Family were one such family.[1]

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The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc Edit

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The Furt Family's stated to have incurred a debt of three hundred gold coins according to Arche which she has been attempting to repay. However, Arche decided that her time as a worker would be over after the next job, and would take her younger sisters with her and cut off all financial support to her parents.[2]

Her declaration didn't seem to have reached her parents, as they are content to live a lie, spending money on unneeded luxuries, stating it was an investment once the emperor died. The debt collector later visited the Furt Family to loan them another hundred coins, but by then loaner had decided not to loan any more money from that point on. Instead, he would liquidize the Furt's remaining assets to pay off the loan when the due date came.[3]

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Due to the revoked nobility status, the Furt Family has fallen in hard times. Though they still own the family mansion, it has fallen in disrepair. Despite their status has been revoked by the Emperor the head of the family refuses to admit defeat. However, rather than moving forward in life, the Furt Family has been reduced to debt in order to maintain a lavish lifestyle.

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  • Arche, the oldest daughter in the family had to forsake her career as a Magic Caster and turned to work as a Worker to repay off the debt.
  • Maruyama stated on his website that, in the Light Novel, the Furt Family eventually resorted to selling both of their youngest daughters, Ureirika and Kuuderika, into slavery to help pay off their debt.


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