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Frost Virgin (フロストヴアージン) are ice-type monsters that serve as sentries for Cocytus’ residence “Snowball Earth,” as well as his bodyguards.


A Frost Virgin's skin is said to be bluish-white and their hair black. And wears what looks to be pure white clothes.


Frost Virgins are labeled as a level 82 ice-type monsters residing within the 5th Floor of Nazarick. They have the ability to see through invisibility.[1]


  • On the 5th of Nazarick, when Mare went to visit it, he encounter them as a bodyguard team while Cocytus wasn't around to defend his domain.
  • During the Siege of the Royal Capital, after Cocytus defeated Brain Unglaus, he ordered the Frost Virgins to use their ice abilities to preserve the warrior's body.[2]
    • After the Fall of Ro Lente Castle and prior to the Duel at Ro Lente Castle, The Frost Virgins where stationed at the entrance into the Throne Room of the Ro Lente Castle after presumably slaughtering the surviving human knights within the castle.
    • One of the Frost Virgins guarding the Entrance then proceeded to tell Climb to enter into the throne room and referring him as the "Last Human of this Court" before silently allowing him to pass through with a look of complete boredom, similarly shared with her fellow Frost Virgins.


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