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Frost Pain Modified is an improved version of Zaryusu Shasha’s sword.


After the lizardmen tribes' surrender, some lizardmen were taken for training in the fold of Nazarick, and Ainz had procured Frost Pain for study. Through his experiments, he managed to duplicate the sword's attributes, creating a brand new and improved weapon.


Overlord II EP13 120

After creating a modified version of Frost Pain, Ainz discovered that it turned out to be stronger than the original weapon with additional powerful output. A tool being an enchanted ice blade where it lets the user utilized a high-level spell three times a day— ‘Icy Burst', but without the special abilities to power it up. It can release a slash that can freeze everything within its range instantly and deal heavy damage.[1]


  • In Volume 6, Ainz as Momon used it to counter the intense fire in his battle against Demiurge.
  • As of current events, Frost Pain is the only known New World weapon that Ainz was able to successfully replicate with the same abilities.
  • In the Anime, Frost Pain Modified has gold accessories on it while the original Frost Pain did not.


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