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Frost Dragons (霜の竜 (フロスト・ドラゴン) ) are a species of dragons with an affinity for ice breath attacks.


Frost Dragons were mentioned by Ninya to be appearing in the Azerlisia Mountains.[1] Two hundred years ago, the majority of the Frost Dragons took residence in Feo Berkana, within the Royal Palace.[2] Olasird'arc Haylilyal was regarded as the King of the Frost Dragons until Ainz Ooal Gown killed him and forced the remaining Frost Dragons into servitude.


Frost Dragons are large dragons that tower over most living beings. They have a reptilian appearance with a large pair of wings and covered in scales that radiate a sky blue like color except for their abdomen region which is white.


As the name suggests, Frost Dragon possesses ice abilities, with its breath capable of freezing its victims. It would also seem that a Frost Dragon's body parts have magical properties as they can be used as ingredients to create magical items.

They are also capable of using Tier Magic as the strongest member of their race Olasird'arc Haylilyal was capable of using up to 3rd tier spells.

Known Frost Dragons[]


  • Fire is the racial weakness of all Frost Dragons.[3]
  • A variant of ancient Frost Dragons also existed in YGGDRASIL, more specifically Jötunheim.[4][5]
  • White Dragon Bone is one of the lizardmen treasures that was created from the corpse of a Frost Dragon.[6]
  • Presumably eighteen Frost Dragons of the Azerlisia Mountains now act as aerial transports, for transfer of goods and services between the Dwarf Kingdom and the Sorcerer Kingdom.[7]
  • In Mass for the Dead, the Frost Dragons ally themselves with the Sorcerer Kingdom by choice to ensure their survival against the approaching end of the world.[8]


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