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Frianne Wyliea Van Gushmond (フリアーネ・ワエリア・ラン・グシモンド) is the student council president at the Imperial Magic Academy.


A woman who had a bright smile on her face, that came from the depths of her heart.


Although Frianne was praised by her peers as a genius she displays a humble attitude; according to the person herself, her ability simply stems from her hard work and not her talent. She was a trustworthy senior that looked after her colleagues. However her kind and gentle disposition is also a mask that hides a more darker personality as a noble, that is cold and manipulative.  


Frianne is the daughter of a Duke in the Baharuth Empire and thus a Great Noble. A child who had been learning magic for only ten years. At the Magic Academy, due to her popularity and intelligence, she was elected student council president.[1]


Overlord Second Half Arc[]

Main article: Overlord Second Half Arc

Frianne appeared at the ball in the Imperial Palace for the introduction of Archduke Ainz Ooal Gown to the nobles of the Empire.[2] At the Imperial Magic Academy she intervened when Rangobart Eck Waria Roberbad was bullying her fellow students and friends Jet Testania and Nemel Gran. Publicly scolding Rangobart she gave the other two the opportunity to slip away. As Student Council President, Frianne greeted Fluder Paradyne after he entered the academy as a student. She sat alongside him and the Head of the Imperial Magic Academy in the cafeteria. Though she appeared to be uncomfortable by the situation when the spoke of the possibility of immortality magic.[3]

Later she had a confidential meeting with Jet, where she revealed her true face, as a cold authoritarian. There he gave her information of Fluder Paradyne, confirming that the real reason why the wizard enrolled in the school was to meet him. Though she was surprised by this information she allowed Jet to make a deal, provided he give her proof of his information. He complied and explained his strange meeting with a strange butler who offered to hire him. Later the timing of Fluder's entrance to the school was too convenient. Frianne listen to his finding but after he mentioned the knight that accompanied the butler was Ray she suspected that the true mastermind behind this affair was the Archduke Ainz Ooal Gown. She wondered what kind of value Jet had in the eyes of the new noble. Though the two suspected it was due to Jet's Talent, specifically his eye. To offer him some help, Frianne gave Jet all the information she knew on the Archduke before taking his leave. Though Frianne omitted several details like that Ainz was actually an undead and that an anti-Archduke faction was starting to form. That being said she decided to discuss this further with her father and brother.[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

Frianne is an individual that is said to be someone approaching the 3rd tier of magic. She is regarded as two of the names in the Academy that are regarded as geniuses.


Jet Testania[]

Jet seems to have an amiable relationship with Frianne; the Student President helps the young man out when he and Nemel were being bullied. Though the reasons why she took care of them was because they were friends with her predecessor. In fact they are actually rivals and she only tolerated him and helped him when it suited her.


Fendros is a classmate of Frianne. At the imperial ball, she was surprised to see her in attendance.

Rangobart Eck Waria Roberbad[]

Frianne appears to be aware that Rangobart and passively undermines him when given the chance.

Fluder Paradyne[]

Being his junior, she could not possibly stand on equal grounds to an ancient man who had been delving for several hundred years. However her training as a Great Noble forces her to acknowledge his power.


  • Frianne holds the position as a genius at the Imperial Magic Academy, though the Student Council President admits that the title belongs to another. Even now, Arche's name still echoed through the halls of the academy. The current Top Three in the school had no choice but to admit that they were yet to reach her level.


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