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Franzén (フランセーン) was one of Marquis Raeven's private troops and a former orichalcum-ranked adventurer.


A man with light brown hair. He wears a red neck scarf, with two pauldrons on his shoulders and two belts crossed against his chest.


A brave individual he was loyal to his employer, Marquis Raeven, sacrificing his life so that the noble to escape.


Franzén was a former orichalcum-ranked adventurer.


The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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As one of Marquis Raeven's private troop, Franzén along with his comrades joined the annual war at Katze Plains. During the massacre, Franzén along with his comrades tried to buy time for Marquis Raeven to escape, but he and the rest of his comrades were all killed by the Dark Young.[1]

Abilities and Powers

He was a warrior, who incorporated dancing swords into his four-sword style.


  • Given the description of his 'dancing sword', it could be that Franzén's fighting method was similar to Edström's fighting style.


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