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Four Armaments (四武器) is a mythril adventurer team from the Re-Estize Kingdom.


A mythril adventurer group that was the strongest adventurer team in the city of E-Naüru.


The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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As the city E-Naüru was about to be invaded by the Sorcerer Kingdom's zombie army, the Adventurer's Guild chose the adventurer group Four Armaments to lead their Magic Caster unit in battle against it.

When the rogue told fellow members of Four Armaments to consider having preparations in place for their escape, Lilynette chastise him for thinking that would even be possible. The priestess of the group believes that considering their opponents are undead, they shouldn't rule out the possibility of having an army of undead marching up to them from the sea. Nonetheless, Scama was considerate of the rogue's idea and did think of ways for their escape route and plan to work while also considering which country to go to for relocating their base of operation. However, when Scama thought of escaping, the priestess of the group complains that the leader was not taking into consideration one's happiness. Hearing this, Scamca realizes that her companion's discussion with Count Naüa about being his child's concubine was actually something the priestess is really serious for after all.

Once the preparations are completed by the magic casters, Scama informs her fellow members of Four Armaments to make sure they act according to the plan. Worse-case scenario, the leader of the adventurer group advised her companions to jump down from the wall and try to break through the cluster of zombies if something bad was about to happen to them. Later on, their conversation met its end when everyone in Four Armaments moved to their designated post and awaited the enemies’ action.

During the battle, members of both Four Armaments and Magic Caster Unit work together to overcome and defeat the undead army. Among the battle plans initiated during the fighting, the leader of Four Armaments orders her team and the unit of magic casters to direct their attention towards the one of two strange undead and what's below the walls. One of the undead manages to reach the gate despite the barrage of spells. The caster unit unable to target it without damaging the gate, the leader of the adventurer group made it her plan to bait that undead into her companions' line of sight where they could see it and cast their attack spells at it immediately. Scama engaged the undead creature with the assistance of her team. However their attacks were resisted by the creature and even though they mobilized it, it easily broke free. The other undead soon came through the gate and stood alongside its partner. Seeing the difference in power, and that they were being toyed with, Scama and her thief friend attempted to buy their magic casters some time to escape.

However Four Armaments is saved by the timely intervention of a strange flying armored giant. Using it's odd crossbow weapon the armored being easily defeated the undead creatures. After giving the adventurers a brief salute, it flew off. The team believed it to be a member of Red Drop and after seeing such a powerful being on the side of the Kingdom had hope that they could win the war against the Sorcerer King.[1]


A mythril ranked adventurer team, the ratio of men to women was equal and their team composition was fairly balanced. Some members like Scama and Lilynette are very skilled at acquiring knowledge about various kinds of people be it a magic caster or noble from the city they are station in. It was to the extent that Count Naüa was left baffled and questioning how much knowledge top-ranking adventurers such as them are able to gain due to their influence. When engaging a foe who was much more powerful than them, a common tactic that Four Armaments used was immobilizing the enemy with glue and them attacking it.

Known Members


  • After Darkness's debut to the national stage, consequently, Four Armaments color had also changed from black to white.


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