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Forbidden Arts User is a job class that hailed originally from the New World.


In order to learn the sage arts, one must have some degree of experience as a spiritual magic caster, like Fluder. Among the sage arts one can learn from, they could be able to obtain a certain branch known as the Forbidden Arts.[1]

Known Forbidden Arts Users

Abilities and Powers

Just as the class name suggests, it grants the user some sort of capacity over the usage of forbidden magic. For starters, a Forbidden Arts User can used this form of magic to stop themselves from aging. If they had not properly managed to master this class, using such spell was said to be very difficult at their current level of magic. For that reason, they could barely managed to cast it with a ritual spell.

When an inexperienced Forbidden Arts User utilized the spell without proper training, the intended effects from the magic itself can become distorted. In this case, it allowed the user to experience, ever so slightly, the slow passage of time. With each passing time, the distortion would grow larger, and eventually there would be a weakness in it. If the spell is masterfully cast by the user, it will grant them immortality.


  • Fluder used the power he possessed from being a Forbidden Arts User to extend his own lifespan, he does so through combining three types of magic to create a ritual for this planned goal.[2]


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