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Foire (フォアイル) is one of the forty-one Homunculus Maids that are responsible for the various maid jobs on the 9th and 10th Floors of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


Foire is described as a young woman with yellowish bobbed hair and green eyes. Like all the homunculus maid, she wears a maid uniform.


Foire has a cheerful and outgoing personality. She likes to lie, though she is not good at lying at all. Thus, her friends just neglect her lies commonly.


Foire along with her fellow homunculus maids were created by Whitebrim, Herohero, and Coup De Grâce.


The Two Leaders Arc

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

Foire and her fellow homunculus maids are having a break in a diner. Lupusregina Beta appeared from nowhere and started a chat with them. They started a competition to see who was able to give the best title to Ainz.[1]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

In Mass for the Dead Foire was killed by whatever attacked the Great Tomb of Nazarick when it manifested in the New World. The maid was later revived up had an unfortunate encounter with a strange pumpkin that was grown in Nazarick. Foire thinking it to be edible, she brought it to the canteen on the 10th Floor for the cook to prepare. It latched unto her head and turned her into a berserk monster before the Floor Guardians burned the parasitic plant away restoring her to normal.[2]

When Nazarick had visitors that emerged from the Crack, Foire got into an argument with one of them, as the other was a maid and wished to clean the room herself. The situation was diffused by Pestonya who directed them to focus their energies on doing a cleaning competition. The competition ends up becoming a collaborative effort and the two become friends.[3]

When Shalltear Bloodfallen became acting strangely, Momonga curious to what was going on, inquired the maid if she could shed some light on the situation. Sadly Foire could not provide any further information.[4]

Another group of visitors from another world arrived in Nazarick, Foire and the protagonist were in the canteen eating their meal when they observed that one of the visitors had an appetite like a homunculus. Later she served batches of kinako bread for one of their guests to try so that the Head Chef could perfect dish.[5]

The maid would find herself working with Albedo who was on a temporary assignment as a maid for the 9th Floor. At the same time she would be part of a training drill involving the 9th Floor going on lockdown in the event of an intruder.[6]

Foire would be present in the canteen when another group of other-worlders appeared in Nazarick. Though unlike the previous groups that came, the leader was a paranoid and overly cautious, casting suspicion over the maids like Foire when they were enjoying their meals.[7]

The maid would act as an attendant to Momonga during one of his meetings with Albedo and Demiurge to discuss the impressive items possessed by a so-called hero of the shield. While Momonga wanted to avoid a conflict with the hero especially with the strange phenomena that was happening, both demons believed Momonga had some ulterior motive for befriending their new guests. Momonga confused by their subtle sinister behavior asked Foire, who watching the dialogue, if she had any idea what they were inferring, but even the maid was at a loss. Foire continued to watch the events play out as Momonga and the Floor Guardians monitored the visitors via a Mirror of Remote Viewing. When a new batch of strangers attacked the hero of the shield, Foire raised as question as to why the latter was being targeted.[8]

Foire would also participate in the Nazarick project known as "Valentine" which involved using non-buff food items of Valentine Chocolate to make into chocolate dishes. She worked with her fellow general maids and entered the Chocolate Layered Cake as their dish to be judged on whether it could be used as a diplomatic gift for dignitaries.[9]

One day when she was having lunch with Cixous and Lupusregina in the canteen, Foire and her fellow maids were among the first to witness the first show of LittleMass. After the idol group's debut she continued to follow the idols' events that were being hosted throughout Nazarick.[10] When the idols began to distribute commemorative items, Foire was seen on line getting her merchandise signed by the idols. Since Cixous was absent as she was being interviewed by Momonga on her live idol show experience, the maid asked if it was possible to acquire a signature for her friend. Sadly it was not allowed as such items were only released during limited time hand shake events. Foire would later be called upon by Momonga to give her account of the event. And later she would enjoy the final moments of the second campaign with her co-workers at the Amphitheater. Once the entertainment sow was done, the hard work put into the idol show motivated Foire and the maids to strive to work harder to repay Momonga and the Floor Guardians.[11]

At the time of the "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet", Foire was among the maids that cheered the teams participating in the competition. Due to seeing Shalltear Bloodfallen's overwhelming power to be the keystone that defends Nazarick, the maid chose to cheer for Red Group. When the competition ended in a cumulative tie, Foire and her fellow maids accepted the results and viewed it as a intense but fun game, commending both teams on their efforts.[12]

When Nazarick began its first formal Halloween Festival, Foire was a bit apprehensive of the idea, given her harrowing experience with the Pumpkin Monsters. The nearing date of the event caused her to lose her appetite at the canteen, though Cixous, Lupusregina and CZ managed to cheer her up citing the good she did when she was under the control of the invasive monsters. And that her experience helped Nazarick become more prepared. Later she was tapped by Albedo to help develop a new easily produced chocolate confection to meet the demand of the citizens of E-Rantel. For the entire length of the festival, Foire acted as Momonga's attendant as he watched the defense training of the event. Once the training was over, the Halloween Festival concluded with the NPCs gathering in the pumpkin patch on the 6th Floor.[13]

While conducting a "general cleaning" of Nazarick, Foire and Cixous stopped by the kitchen where the Head Chef gave them some mochi that was prepared on the orders of Albedo to further her study of "New Year". The two maids encountered Momonga and his party who reacted with apprehension of the offered mochi, in fear that it was an indicator that another "New Year" event was imminent. However once misunderstandings were cleared up with the maids profusely apologizing for making their superiors worry, the naivete of the two maids on the holiday caused Momonga to rethink his stance on meeting the event with caution, but instead embrace it leading to the creation of the Kakushigei Tournament. Foire along with the other general maids were present for the tournament and enjoyed the spectacle as part of the audience in the Amphitheater.[14]

The maid would join the effort to prepare for the Sorcerer Kingdom’s National Foundation Day Ceremony.[15] Foire would work to finish in time for the deadline. Sebas Tian noticing her and Cixous's weariness ordered them to rest despite their eagerness to work. On the day of the event she was present with the other general maids at the ceremony in Fake Nazarick and served food at the banquet. When the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue was unveiled she found that her fellow maids Cixous and Lumière were crying at the sight of the art piece.[16]

Foire attended the live idol show featuring the return of LittleMass. She and the general maids witness not only their favorite idols Alkaline and Acidity but a new idol named Neutrally The introduction of the new character resulted in the renaming of the idol group to LittleMasStar and while the change was unexpected, Foire and the maids came to adore the new idol and new cloth tag dolls and lottery prizes that came with the idol campaign.[17]

Whilst having a meal at the canteen, Foire talked to Cixous about the rumored new area that was being constructed on the 9th Floor. Though all the two knew about it was that it was a entertainment facility, they still hoped to be given the chance to use it once it was done.[18]

Foire and Cixous eventually made time to go to the new area, Casino Resort Nazarick, and played the games there with the instruction of the elder liches manning the tables. There Foire witnessed Cixous play roulette and double her winnings from 10 chips to 20 chips. She and Cixous met with Lupusregina and CZ who commented on the casino being very popular as well as the installed fan and refrigerator which the maids claimed to be useful items, making their stay at the casino more enjoyable.[19]

During the New Year's event, Foire fell under the holiday's mental influence and began working with the general maids and Head Chef to prepare New Year dishes. After the influence was broken, Foire joined the maids and the rest of Nazarick in celebrating New Year's by watching live performance of LittleMasStar with Narberal and Lupusregina acting as guest stars.[20]

Foire and Cixous would later serve a tea party hosted by Aura for Yuri and Pestonya to talk about the upcoming plan to create a new chocolate product. The two general maids were included in the discussion as they brought the recreated dishes of the previous prototypes to help brainstorm. When the New Valentine's Plan was started, the maid helped to create new flavors for the candy in Golden Chocolate In A Bottle.[21]

Cocytus would approach Foire and Cixous after being put in charge of developing a new "chilled chocolate" dish. The maids were surprised by the Floor Guardian's placement as the one leading the project, but obliged to be interviewed and told him about the previous four chocolate dishes that were made at a taste party when chocolate was being researched in Nazarick. The interviewed stopped when Pestonya brought snacks of monaka for Cocytus's break and asked the maids to resume their duties. Later Foire was mentioned to be busy preparing recreations of the four chocolate dishes for Narberal to try, who was assisting Cocytus. At the reenactment of the taste party, Cixous spoke on behalf of Foire who was on duty serving Momonga, about the chocolate cake that they had devised for Narberal's benefit. The maid was present when Cocytus and Narberal released the Chilled Chocolate Confectionary before Momonga.[22]

In an emergency operation to create a new batch of luxurious chocolates for a noble's party, Foire assisted the Pleiades in preparing a special batch of Natural Forest Chocolate.[23]

At the inception of the Bard Plan, a rock music venue was held on the 9th Floor in a corridor for the general maids. Foire and Cixous were present watching CZ and Narberal play their rock music. Foire and the other maids enjoyed the show and pointed to the group that their band lack a name. Later at the next venue in the bar on the 9th Floor, Foire and Cixous came up with a name for the rock band: Βγδth. For the rest of the plan, Foire followed the appearances of Βγδth, cheering them on as they appeared around Nazarick and finally witnessing them face off against LittleMasStar in a final live show.[24]

Foire was a frequent visitor of Casino Resort Nazarick, where she developed a competitive streak with Cixous. When the event "Rare Item Acquisition Day" was being organized, she and Cixous were invited by Mare at his betting strategy lecture to help their fellow general maids familiarize themselves on the easy tactics and games. At the event it was revealed that it would held for a three day period for the general maids, with the Pleiades being reassigned to fulfill the duties of their junior, Foire and her peers were worried of their jobs being taken but were given assurances by the Pleiades it was only temporary and that the event was for their enjoyment. At the betting tables, Foire made use of Martingale's Method, involving making gains through short-term decisive gains through betting it all. She and Foirewere nearly tied with each other and aimed to win the life-sized Momonga Plushie. At the last game Cixous won over ten thousand chips and was expected to cash her gains for the prize. In the end Cixous choose friendship and instead used her chips to acquire two novelty mugs for her and Foire, who likewise did the same using her remaining chips.[25]

At the time of New Year’s Eve, Foire and Cixous helped decorate the 9th Floor. Once they were done the two maids were told by Pestonya to help the Head Chef prepare dishes for the holiday.[26]

Foire was the maid on duty in the Round Table Room when the Floor Guardians and Momonga were monitoring the state of the three kingdoms being affected by the mists of miasma. When the disembodied voice of Kuyō rang out through the dungeon, Momonga gave orders for all Floor Guardians with a Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown to evacuate the dungeon as it was possibly compromised. He then ordered Foire to escape herself and spread the word to all the other general maids.[27]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers

Foire's abilities and class are generally at level one. Like all of the homunculus maids, they have a racial penalty called Increased Food Consumption, in which the maids need to eat a lot of food.

Her maid outfit is equal to a high-class item, bringing her some defensive stats.


Ainz Ooal Gown

Like everyone else in Nazarick, she is loyal to her master.


Like her fellow homunculus maids, she think of the Pleiades as a kind of idol group, with CZ2128_Delta being the most popular among them. In addition, like her fellow maids, she considers being approached by Lupusregina Beta to be a sign of good fortune.

Homunculus Maids

Foire is a member of the maid group and thus gets along with her fellow co-workers.


  • Foire's name came from the word 'Foire’ a French word for a funfair.
  • In Mass for the Dead, it is stated that her creator was Herohero.
  • Foire's voice actress, Brittany Lauda, is married to Matt Shipman, the voice actor of Cona in real life.


  • (To her fellow maids): "Good morning. And yes, we've already eaten. Breakfast was so good~ so smooth and creamy, so tasty~"
  • (Describing Ainz): "Well, if we're going to praise Ainz-sama, then we should praise his awesome power right? What is more fitting than 'Memento Mori'!"


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