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"My faith lies in the god that rules and presides over magic. But if you are not that exalted being, then I shall immediately recant my faith, for the one true god has finally appeared before me."
- Fluder swearing his loyalty to Ainz Ooal Gown.

Fluder Paradyne (フールーダ・パラダイン) is the Imperial Court Wizard of the Baharuth Empire in the New World. He is the headmaster of the Imperial Magic Academy and he is also in charge of the Ministry of Magic in Arwintar.

Fluder is considered to be the Strongest Wizard of the Empire and is said to be comparable to the Thirteen Heroes.


Fluder is an elderly man of short stature, possessing a magnificent white beard, with a head full of snow-white hair. His age is shown on his face as wrinkles, and the light of wisdom could be seen in his eyes. While Fluder is mostly seen wearing a soft loose white robe, he also has on his neck a necklace made with numerous crystal orbs. Decorated with his fingers are numerous magical rings.


Fluder is described as a polite individual who shows very little concern in political and social circles. Magic is both Fluder's passion and obsession mainly in the course of his lifetime. In that regard, he spends most of his time focusing on his studies regarding the development field of magic, in the hopes of enhancing his power. His saintly demeanor also meant he was honored and respected by many people.

Though Fluder was regarded as a master of magic, he longed to have a magic caster stronger than himself and be a student once more. However, he believed that his wish would never be fulfilled, due to his advancing years. He was quite jealous of the youths he taught, not due to their ability but for their higher chance of seeing the abyss of magic he sought. Thus, he had resigned himself to becoming a pioneer in the history of magic.

Despite his disinterest in subjects other than magic, he is self-conscious enough to know to present himself accordingly in any situation. However, when presented with an opportunity to advance his magical knowledge, he loses all sense of self-control and dignity as shown, when he encountered Momon and Nabe, as they far surpassed him in terms of magical ability.

On the other hand, Fluder's darker aspects happen to reveal that he is actually a selfish individual that is not above sacrificing everyone and everything for his goal of obtaining great magical knowledge. Even his close relationship with the imperial family and history with the current emperor, is no exception, as he would gladly and without hesitation sacrifice anyone including them for the sake of gaining more knowledge in magic. His dearest desire is to see the abyss of magic and become stronger.


Fluder Paradyne was born in Belmous Village. His first contact and interest in learning magic were because of a magic caster he came into contact with in his village. Fluder journeyed to Eryuentiu once but was denied permission to acquire a magical item of his own like the Thirteen Heroes. This only causes him to develop great jealousy and envy toward the Thirteen Heroes along with the desire to surpass Rigrit. At one point in his life, Fluder attempted to use a ritual spell to obtain immortality, but due to the imperfect casting, he only managed to slow the aging process.

For six generations, Fluder Paradyne has served the Baharuth Empire faithfully as a court wizard. Around that time, however, his relationship with the imperial family was poor. That changed over the ensuing generations, becoming closer with each new generation. During the era of the third and fourth generation, he tutored both emperors in politics and rose to become the head magician in the latter. It seems the wizard was partly responsible for the centralization of power in the Empire, as he assisted its current emperor in a plan that took at least two generations.

Fluder Paradyne is known to be the strongest wizard of the Empire. He is also regarded as the greatest guardian that protected the Baharuth Empire from various monsters and calamities throughout history. Countless entries in the history books of the Empire were written about him. It talks about how he single-handedly engaged monsters which threatened the safety of the nation and emerged triumphant in such crises. He became the head of the Imperial Magic Academy, which is conducting numerous projects in the name of the Empire. One of these is the experiment in using undead in grid farming to form a cheap and efficient labor force.

However, Fluder's experiments face numerous opposition, especially from the priests of the temple, believing that the use of such unholy creatures is blasphemy against gods. When a new undead was discovered in the Katze Plains, the knights of the Empire proved ineffective to capture it. Fluder led a team of magic casters to repeatedly bombard the monster with fireballs to defeat and capture it. Fascinated by its power, the wizard later took the Death Knight back to Arwintar for study and research. Thereafter, Fluder would attempt to gain control over the undead, which he fails to do unsuccessfully even until now with the experiments conducted.


The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Fluder Paradyne had a short meeting with Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix and learns of the existence of Ainz Ooal Gown, a powerful magic caster. According to a copy of Gazef Stronoff's report from the Kingdom, it is suggested that he might even rival Fluder himself. After hearing this, Fluder is eager to have a discussion about magic with this mysterious magic caster that might just be his equal or even surpass him.[1]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Fluder Paradyne and two of his disciples make their way to an area of the capital to observe the fruits of his undead labor project. At the same time, his disciples discuss the appearance of Jaldabaoth in Re-Estize. The task the emperor had requested of the great wizard was to investigate the origins of this unknown demon. Unfortunately, Fluder could not provide any answers as of yet, the topic is then moved to a strange phenomenon that a number of powerful figures have started emerging suddenly in the Kingdom: Momon, Nabe, and the mysterious magic caster named Ainz Ooal Gown. He and his fellow disciples then descend down to a heavily secured underground chamber, where a captured Death Knight is chained. Fluder then attempts to force the creature to submit to his will with a new spell that Fluder modified but fails as his magic is not strong enough. Though disappointed at his inability to subjugate the undead creature, his mood brightens after hearing of the arrival of the adamantite group, Darkness.[2]

Fluder then goes to meet with the two adventurers from Darkness alone, as he is interested in learning more about Nabe, who was rumored to be a powerful magic caster that uses 3rd tier spells at such a young age. After making some hasty preparations to make himself presentable of his high status, the wizard was in awe of meeting the mysterious dark warrior and the beauty of the magic caster. At the same time, Fluder is also disturbed, when noticing that he is unable to discern the tier of Nabe's magic with his talent. After realizing that Fluder was attempting to do so, the two adventurers remove their magical rings that were inhibiting their power, enabling Fluder to gauge the level of their true power.

Upon seeing the true level of their power, especially Momon, whose legendary tenth tier magic easily shadows Nabe's eighth tier magic, he comes into acceptance and immense joy that there are still heights of power that he still has yet to reach. Prostrating himself before Momon, the elderly man proclaims that Momon is the true God of Magic that he worships and he begs Momon to teach him all his magical secrets. As Momon questions what would he offer in return, Fluder promises to offer him everything he has. Upon seeing the sincerity of Fluder's request, Momon accepts him as his disciple ordering him to send sacrifices to his domain.

The wizard compiles to his request, crafting an elaborate lie to the Emperor that he had discovered the dwelling of Ainz Ooal Gown by observing Carne Village. Using this information, Jircniv manipulates Count Femel to send a group of workers under the ruse to explore some newly discovered ruins. These actions ultimately lead to the events of the Invasion of the Large Tomb. During a meeting with the imperial court, contact with the workers had been lost. Fluder then witnesses the arrival of Mare and Aura upon the back of a powerful dragon. Holding the imperial capital at ransom with their display of impressive power, the dark elves demand the Emperor give a formal apology for the invasion of Nazarick.[3]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Fluder along with four of his acolytes accompanied Jircniv to Nazarick. Like the majority in the imperial delegation, he too is shocked at the terrifying power that the tomb holds but is filled with a euphoria of joy at seeing such power in his lifetime.[4]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

After Jircniv became aware of his betrayal, he had confiscated Fluder's land. For now, Fluder was still in his position as the head magician, though his privileges and powers were slowly being stripped away, so he would not notice.

Fluder received a message from Ainz that he will be meeting with him in his residence to discuss his promise with him. There, Fluder stated that he is already making steady progress concerning a written record of the Empire’s information on the various countries as ordered by his master.

Also, Fluder tells Ainz that his influence and responsibilities as a head magician within the Empire are beginning to decline and has taken into consideration that the Emperor already knows of his betrayal. While the Emperor frequently came to consult Fluder in the past, he states that Jircniv has chosen not to summon him this time around ever since his departure from Nazarick and returning to the Empire.

However, he is offered by Ainz a position within the Sorcerer Kingdom to be in charge of the magical research. At the same time, Fluder is given a copy of the Book of the Dead by Ainz as a reward for his efforts. Ainz told Fluder that he needs the Empire to stay intact so he must stay there for a while longer. He was asked by Ainz about the details of the Martial Lord and the Death Knights.[5]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Fluder was contacted by Ainz to find any useful information about the Dwarf Kingdom's runes. However, he couldn't share much information, except that the Dwarf Kingdom had suffered from a dragon attack in the past. He also spoke about how the ruler of that nation was a runesmith and that the dwarves had once visited the Empire. Although Fluder concluded that the Empire purchased weapons and armor from them a hundred years ago, all traces of runic magic items were lost.[6]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

Fluder Paradyne was among the attendees from the Baharuth Empire who came to E-Rantel in order to attend the second conference for the Tripartite Alliance.[7] He was present at the conference and witness his emperor try to promote the Empire to become the leader of the Alliance. While originally there to assure the emperor's safety, Fluder participated in a duel with the elites of the Kingdom in a test to see if the Kingdom could stand on their own. Fluder fare against Gazef Stronoff, Soi and the protagonist. However before a winner could be decided, Enhela Read Gahi halted the match as a horde of Chaos Beasts were invading from the north and heading straight towards the city.

After word reached the Empire that the protagonist succeeded in rescuing Gazef from his secret mission, Jircniv prepared to assert his position in the Alliance now that the Kingdom's military power was weakened with the loss of the Warrior Captain. Fluder also made his own preparations in completing a secret weapon for his liege. He had a brief encounter with his former pupil, Sophie Noia while on a stroll in the fortress city. The wizard was present on the battlefield outside of E-Rantel with the armies of the Alliance, where he showed the results of his research, the Malefic Spear. He unleashed the mechanical device upon the Chaos Beasts that were invading from the Northern Cave.[8] Fluder was present in E-Rantel was the Demon Jaldabaoth and his minions attacked the city. He refrained from participating in the defense of the city and even chose not to attempt a rescue of Jircniv when he was about to be executed by the demons. Due to this the emperor of the Baharuth Empire suspects that Fluder may have betrayed him to further his knowledge of magic.[9]

After the demon's attack, being persona non grata in the Empire, Fluder defected from his nation and joined the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute, having been reached out by the protagonist and his cooperation secured after he was shown the collected knowledge of Ashurbanipal and the existence of Momonga. The old man eager to please his new masters worked with Nfirea Bareare to cure a contaminated Gazef Stronoff in the bowels of the institute.[10]

Months later, Fluder still had not been located by the emperor who intended to punish him for his disloyalty. As for his post of Imperial Court Wizard, the emperor planned to have the Chosen Thirty fight over it.[11] On the protagonist's team second visit to the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute, Fluder greeted them to the premises alongside Nfirea. He brough the adventurers before the imprisoned Gazef Stronoff again and allowed Soi to battle the mad Warrior Chief to study the battle. After which both he and Nfirea confirmed that Gazef's primitive impulses seemed to be declining, and his physical condition was stabilizing for some reason. The two researchers were unable to ascertain which treatments they were giving him led to his stability, though planned to conduct tests on other Contaminated Beasts to pinpoint which clinical trials were effective.

The old man was worried about Nfirea's health as he saw that the boy was getting too obsessed with his research and his vendetta against the Chaos Beasts. Knowing from experience that it was unhealthy to get too invested in something, when Nfirea left to fetch some additional materials in the lab, Fluder beseeched the protagonist to command Nfirea to rest as he failed himself. Once Nifrea was forced to relent to the protagonist's command, Fluder ushered the director away to the exit promising to keep the institute on track while Nfirea enjoyed his break. When the protagonist returned, again to deliver more specimens, Fluder was disappointed to see that Nfirea failed to take their advice to rest. This time both he and the protagonist sat down with Nfirea to sat make him come to see that he was overworking himself to the detriment of his family, and urged him to take it easy. Their words did however make Nfirea see that he was alienating his family with his obession and thus agreed to rest later. In a separate project to cure a illness spreading among the orphans in E-Rantel, Fluder aided Nifrea in developing the medicine in the form of a sweet candy, which the wizard tested on himself and found the confectionery to be nourishing and had healthy effect on humans.[12]

Fluder was briefly referenced by Pluton Ainzach after the protagonist reported to the guildmaster that a magic caster from the Sorcerer Kingdom had extrapolated the locations of the mithril adventurer plates of the fallen team of Igvarge. The speed and sophistication of the deed made the veteran adventurer impressed comparing the skills of their magic caster to be on par with the wizard from the Baharuth Empire.[13]

During a meeting in Nazarick, Fluder was considered as a possible candidate in aiding the Sorcerer Kingdom in developing their brand of daily household magic items. He was passed over in favor of Tsuibayaya as the wizard's main focus was researching the Chaos Beast and delving into the "abyss of magic".[14]

Some days before the protagonist and Slimeko would be heading out to lead a delegation to the Dwarf Kingdom, Fluder would be visited by the hero at the institute. Though he had yet to develop a cure for Gazef Stronoff, he directed the homunculus to Sophie on the results of her discovery. The researcher discovered that the conditions in the Melting Pot, may have inadvertently developed a method by which the contaminated essence of creatures affected by the Miasma could be removed. When she informed the news to the protagonist, Sophie planned to experiment and try to replicate the Melting Pot to see if a cure for the Miasma could be synthesized.

While Soi stood guard at the Institute in the absence of the protagonist, Fluder worked with Sophie and Nfirea to figure out how to use the contaminated slimes and Chaos Beasts to create a cure. To the wizard he believed that melting a Chaos Beast for a cure was not as simple.[15]

At the time when E-Rantel was facing a massive invasion of Chaos Beasts emerging from numerous Cracks that opened in the city, the wizard defended the institute alongside Soi whilst giving Nfirea and Sophie time to complete their research. The pair fought countless Chaos Beasts and even a Double Sword Chaos Beast, successfully eliminating them. Aid finally came in the form of knights of the Baharuth Empire led by Nimble Arc Dale Anoch and Leinas Rockbruise under orders by the emperor to protect the institute. Though the knights were curious as to why a wanted man like Fluder was there, they prioritized protecting Nfirea and Sophie on the lower levels. Fluder and Soi stayed behind to guard the frontline but were alerted of something happening on the third level, and found that all the knights and researchers were all slain by a Spear Chaos Beast with a unique ability of teleportation. By the time the protagonist arrived with help, the only ones alive were Fluder, Soi and Nfirea in the institute. Fluder was caught in the formation of a Crack that emerged in the level and was taken by an invisible enemy.[16]

Despite being attack by the invisible foe, Fluder corpse was recovered at the institute. The wizard was revived by the magics of the Sorcerer Kingdom and while he was regarded as a criminal by the Empire, Fluder was not extradited as the emperor allowed him to remain working under the protagonist as a personal favor to the Territory Guardian.[17]

Still Fluder Paradyne's defection from the emperor was leaked to the aristocracy of the Empire. This news served as an impetus for the people of the Anti-Imperial Faction to conspire to unite to rebel against the Bloody Emperor.[18]

During the miasma crisis affecting E-Rantel, Fluder and his fellow researchers returned to the city to assist the beleaguered rescue team in decontaminating the surviving populace. The old wizard, Sophie and Nfirea were noted to be insensitive on the issue of using human corpses to make a cure for the contamination. To Fluder the crisis was a perfect experiment to play with in order to peer into the abyss of magic. This caused Slimeko to question if the trio were really humans to begin with. Later when Enhela appeared and defeated Sebas, he expressed shock along with the other researchers. He and the others observed the dialogue between the priest and the Nazarick agents, and despite the ambiguity of the situation the wizard was able to follow the story of hostility between the two parties.[19]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers

Fluder is a user of the 6th tier of arcane magic - a level known to be the highest rank that has ever been attainable by humans. Regarded as a genius magic caster, Fluder is famous for being able to use three different systems of magic (Arcane, Divine & Spiritual). Through the use of a ritual that combines the three systems, he has managed to prolong his natural lifespan to over two hundred years.

He also has an innate talent that allows him to see the magic aura of a magic caster, allowing him to determine their power and to what tier of magic they are capable of using. It is said that his magic is evenly matched with, or has likely surpassed, the power of the necromancer Rigrit Bers Caurau of the Thirteen Heroes; even the Six Cardinals of the Slane Theocracy acknowledged his strength.

According to Fluder he claimed to possess the power to imbue a magical surveillance field around an entire area. It was his claim that he was used to explain to Emperor Jircniv of how he located Nazarick, later proven to be untrue as he conspired with Ainz and was made aware of Nazarick’s location. It’s still unknown whether he could achieve this feat with magic or it it was an outright lie.

Job Classes


  • Fireball: A 3rd tier spell that allows the caster to summon a large fireball that is used for attacks.
  • Fly: A 3rd tier spell that gives the caster the ability to fly.
  • Obey: A modified spell of "Summon Undead 6th Tier" which is Fluder's own creation. Supposedly, it allows him to control lower rank undead.
  • Teleportation: A 5th tier spell that allows the caster to teleport over a distance.

Main Equipment


Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix

Fluder likes the current emperor and considers Jircniv as his own grandson. However, in order to achieve his goal of peering into the abyss of magic, Fluder would not hesitate to betray Jircniv. Though he has admittedly turned his back on his liege, he is still very proud of Jircniv and his accomplishments.

Ainz Ooal Gown

Before meeting Ainz Ooal Gown, Fluder believed he had reached the human potential for magic. His long life and experience are a tribute to that belief. However, upon seeing Ainz Ooal Gown's overwhelmingly superior magic, Fluder shed tears of joy, swears his allegiance in hopes of seeing the abyss of magic and offers everything he has in exchange for it. He now acts as an accomplice in Ainz Ooal Gown's plans in forging Nazarick as a new nation and gathering information on other countries. Upon becoming Ainz's disciple, Fluder has since then acted quite submissive towards the undead and is willing to carry out orders for him.

Arche Eeb Rile Furt

Fluder himself thought Arche was a bright child and believed that she had the potential to reach his rank eventually. He also claimed it was a shame she had to drop out from the Imperial Magic Academy. Before meeting Ainz, he was thinking about searching for her.

Rigrit Bers Caurau

During his younger days, Fluder had the privilege of meeting one of the Thirteen Heroes. At the time, he was considerably weaker than the famed necromancer. However, after two centuries of arcane study and training, Fluder feels confident that he has surpassed her.


  • In the Web Novel, he was present during the Massacre taken place at the Katze Plains. Also, his anti-aging method came from 6th tier magic.
  • Fluder has some knowledge of Wild Magic and wishes to make an in-depth study of the art.
  • Fluder's goal in life is to achieve the highest rank of magic and peer into the abyss of magic.
  • Another testament to his skills is that Fluder has trained the Chosen Thirty to become magic casters capable of using 3rd tier magic. At least two of his disciples are capable of 4th tier magic.
  • Fluder is one of four human magician outliers in the entire continent.
  • Ainz's first disciple in the New World happens to be Fluder who also had disciples of his own.
  • Fluder is the only unique character until now able to use three systems of magic.
  • In the Web Novel, excluding Ainz Ooal Gown and the librarian, the only ones that were friendly with him were the Guardians.[20]


  • (To Jircniv): "Well... I have already reached a higher plane than her... Though I don't have hard evidence. There are no right answers in the law of magic."
  • (To his disciple): "And the one who defeated Jaldabaoth, 'Dark Hero' Momon and his teammate 'Beautiful Princess' Nabe. How fascinating. And the mysterious magic caster Ainz Ooal Gown. Are all the hidden heroes starting to make their move? Maybe a fierce battle similar to the fight against the Demon god two hundred years ago will happen once again."
  • (To his disciples about the Death Knight and Rigrit): "What a pity... If I can control it, I will surpass that magic caster and become the greatest ever in history."
  • (To Ainz): "I know it's disrespectful, but allow me to kneel here! Please enlighten me with your knowledge! I want to peer into the abyss of magic! Please! Please!"
  • (To Ainz): "Everything! Yes, I will offer everything to your royal being! The master of the abyss! The supreme being!"
  • (To Jircniv about Draudillon Oriculus and Wild Magic): "Ancient magic... how I want to research it. If only those with the bloodline of the Brightness Dragon Lord can use it, then the pedigree is the most important thing. Therefore, I feel that if Your Majesty is to wed, he would do well to select that Queen or one of her relatives..."
  • (To Jircniv): "I wish to peer into the abyss of magic, Jircniv. I will not lose sight of that goal, no matter what I have to sacrifice for it. Even if it is an adorable child like you."
  • (To himself about Ainz): "How could someone of my ability be compared to the Supreme Being? There's no one else more deserving of the title of Supreme Being than him. I need to prove my usefulness to him quickly...."
  • (Rejoicing at the sight of Ainz's feat): "...to control Death Knights, and in such numbers! Marvellous! Marvellous!! Marvellous!!! Fuhahahaha!"
  • (To Jircniv & his pupils): "I expected nothing less of Your Majesty, no, my darling Jir. My pupils, open your eyes and be grateful for the fact that you can lay your eyes upon the highest, the most exalted of all magic casters on the continent. Now that you have seen the end of your journey, you must work towards it!"



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