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Five Great Nobles (五大貴族) were a group of noble families that once had great influence in the Baharuth Empire. The group was effectively dissolved after all it's members were killed during Emperor Jircniv's purge of the nobility.


The Five Great Nobles were once prominent members of the nobility in the Empire who were once the pillars of the Empire. However, their end came when one of their own, the mother of Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix was accused of assassinating the Emperor. For the crime, Jircniv's mother's family was eradicated. Soon after Jircniv's brothers were killed one by one, followed by his mother. A power struggle ensued, where several aristocrats along with the Great Nobles were cut down by Prince Jircniv. Those Great Nobles with private armies were ordered to send them against the Re-Estize Kingdom and had all those upkeep fees squeezed out of them. As a result, their might was gone, and all that was left was a handful of pitiful families. There were many families who tried to rebel or even those who disobeyed the Emperor were no longer existed. They were all killed down to the last child. And it was this cruelty that earned Jircniv the epithet of the Bloody Emperor. His rise as the Bloody Emperor coincided with the fall of noble authority and the centralization of power in the Empire.[1][2]


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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The Five Great Families were referenced by Foresight when talking about Arche Eeb Rile Furt's financial woes due to her parents' loss of nobility and denial.


In the Web Novel, the Five Great Nobles were composed of Margraves whose purpose was to protect the borders of the Empire.[3] Being sponsored by a Great Noble carried weight. There were many types of Great Nobles, some with good reputations, and others with bad rumors plaguing them. Just like how there were black and white companies.[4] Being a Great Noble, its heirs were groomed in tackling the various monsters within the government.[5]

Known Members


  • During the reign of the Bloody Emperor, there were originally five, however, three of the nobles were removed due to their level of authority.
  • In the Web Novel, the remaining Great Nobles and many others reached out to General Ray, Ainz Ooal Gown's subordinate, to ingratiate themselves with the Archduke.
  • The households of the Great Nobles required a large quantity of food due to the amounts that were consumed on a daily basis.[6]


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