Five Elements Overcoming is one of the Twenty World Items of YGGDRASIL.


In the past, when a person or guild utilizes Five Elements Overcoming, the game company will send a direct message to the owners of World Items. Written in such message was an apology from the game developers who state "Dear holders of World Items, you should not have been affected by changes in the world, but we have learned that keeping your data unaffected will be a very difficult task for the system. Therefore, were making a special exception and changing your data as well. As a result, they included an unknown item as compensation.[1]



Five Elements Overcoming has the power to request the game developers to change part of the game's magic system in YGGDRASIL.[2] For instance, according to Suzuki Satoru, while Wands could not contain such a 9th tier spell like Perfect Unknowable, it was possible with this said World Item. If he wanted a Wand that is magically enchanted with that kind of spell, he would need this World Item or Ouroboros which can allow him to make a request of the developers about it.[3]


  • Five Elements Overcoming means overcoming relationships among five elements in Taoism. "Gogyosoukoku" in Japanese pronunciation.


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