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Five Colors Holy Sword (五色聖剣) is a magic sword in possession of the Naüa family.


The sword has been in with Count Naüa's family for generations and has served as the family's most sacred treasure.


It was a longsword enchanted with the elemental powers but the blade was without an edge so it could only be used as a blunt weapon, like a dummy sword for swordsmanship practice.


It is a magical enchanted blade with the elemental powers of fire, thunder, acid, sonic, and ice which dealt their respective damage types to a slashed target.[1]


  • Despite being called a Holy Sword, it did not deal holy damage and the name was likely changed from its original title over the generations.
  • In Buddhism, the five colors are abstract representations of Buddhahood. Black symbolizes killing and anger; White denotes rest and thinking; Yellow stands for restraining and nourishing; Red for subjugation and summoning; Green means exorcism.


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