Filth Eaters (汚物喰らい) are a non-human race that inhabit the New World.

Background Edit

After the Holy Kingdom Liberation Army began settling in and accepting more refugees, the population of Sanitary Slimes increased due to the excessive waste in the city of Loyts. Normal means to burn the slimes grew dangerous until the Filth Eaters rescued a few of the humans.

In exchange for food, they continue to aid the humans. However, problems emerged with the Filth Eaters when it was discovered they were disease carriers.[1]

Appearance Edit

The Filth Eaters appearance belied their status as sentient beings.

Abilities Edit

Filth Eaters possess acid-resistant bodies.


Filth Eaters are monsters that helps dealing with rubbish. So far they appear to be peaceful as they aid humans in dealing with Sanitary Slimes.

Nevertheless, people just could not be grateful to them. That is because Sanitary Slimes are not really infectious themselves, while the Filth Eaters are known to carry colonies of pathogens. The people they rescued all fell severely ill, mostly because of encephalitis.

Trivia Edit

  • They are one of the few non-human races that are tolerated by the Holy Kingdom Liberation Army.


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