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Field of Flowers (花畑) is an area located on the 6th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


The Field of Flowers existed during the time of Ainz Ooal Gown. Originally there was a plan to fill the field with traps against invaders who reached the 6th Floor. Since it would be suspicious for the Field of Flowers to be just a Field of Flowers, it was believed that the invaders would exercise caution and burn the whole place down. Therefore, there were talks of planting flowers that could respond to fire and spread deadly or paralyzing poison. That plan was redesigned due to strong opposition from the three female members of the guild leaving the area as is.

Tabula Smaragdina though still had an idea to incorporate a trap, using the scenery of the field to distract intruders, whilst they would be charged at by wild boars, however he was refused by Bukubukuchagama who regarded the area as special. She wanted to use the place to do photo shooting in a safe environment as the world outside the dungeon was hostile to heteromorphs.[1]

After the transition to the New World, the 6th Floor was adapted to include a number of changes at the order of Ainz Ooal Gown. Some changes involves the construction of Green Hole which had the function to house intelligent races such as humans and demi-humans requiring housing and shelter, to show the world and possible players of Nazarick’s intent to coexist with other races.

The Field of Flowers, an already existing area was expanded to accommodate self-sustainable species such as plant-type monsters.

Since plant-type monsters gathered nutrients from the soil for sustenance they were regarded as perfect candidates. To prevent the soil from being depleted around the area, Mare uses his magic to recover it.

Aura and Mare would "welcome" more foreign plant-type monsters, which entailed was a demonstration of the twins and their summons’ combat prowess. The difference in power would cause the monsters to submit into obedience and accepted their relocation to the Field of Flowers.

No Area Guardian was assigned to the location and it was directly under the control of both Aura and Mare. For the most part the plants within the Field of Flowers lived as they pleased with few restrictions.


The Half Elf God-kin Arc[]

Main article: The Half Elf God-kin Arc

Ainz Ooal Gown wanting to learn more about the Elf Country visited the 6th Floor with Lumière to speak with the Elven Slaves that were under Aura and Mare's charge. While there Ainz decided to do an inspection of the Field of Flowers to see how it had changed. Being brought there by Fenn and Quadracile, the Overlord was informed by Aura that the Green Hole inhabitants' were helping to enhance their harvest efficiency. Using their abilities the plant-type monsters to provide nutrients, turning regular carrots into giants.

The news was pleasing to Ainz who asked if the method could implement by the farmers of the Sorcerer Kingdom, Sadly Aura told her master that there were still issues. Even with help from plant-type monsters, the amount grown is limited. A single giant carrot was reported to drain a large amount of nutrients from the soil, even with the power of Earth Recover. In addition Ainz had the opportunity to be introduced to Violet, one of the new inhabitants of the field. The Overlord satisfied that the changes to the Field of Flowers did not disrupt its natural beauty then resumed his direction to the Gigantic Tree.[2]

Layout & Features[]

The Field of Flowers on the 6th Floor of Nazarick was home to blooming flowers of all colors. Before the remodeling the area was just a normal field and had no function. At the center of the field, was Earth Recover, which is used to help recover the soil in the earth.

The land using the aid of the inhabitants is capable of turning regular produce such as carrots into giants. Though doing so is taxing to the land. And while the land won’t become a desert without using magic to recover nutrients, at least one year of rest would be required.

Known Inhabitants[]

Not only that, it is home to various plant-type monsters that were brought from outside Nazarick by Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore. Such species include alraunes, treants, dryads, etc. Among the inhabitants of the Field of Flowers are individuals that act as representatives for the entirety. Additionally a Spear Needle lazed about acting as the warden and monitoring the area.


  • Besides the Field of Flowers, some of the plant-type monsters resided in a segregated areas, one for non-intelligent plant-type monsters, and an area inhabited by the intelligent plant-type monsters, some of whom have settled in the village of Green Hole.
  • Inhabitants of the Field of Flowers sometimes assist in harvesting crops from Green Hole for Nazarick.[3]
  • According to the dryads and treants, the land around the area is so delicious that they claim it will make them fat.
  • The history of the area was relatively unknown to most of Nazarick, save for Ainz, until the modifications to the area were made.
  • Due to the many miracles performed by Mare and his Woodland Dragons, many of the plant monsters view the dark elf akin to a god. Even those that do not view him that way, still revere the Floor Guardian as a powerful practitioner of the druidic arts.


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