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Female Sensei’s Iron Fist of Wrath is a Divine Class Weapon once wielded by Yamaiko, one of the three female guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown.


It is the kind of weapon that once belong to its former wielder, Yamaiko.


This weapon resembles a fuchsia colored gauntlet of massive proportions, complete with multiple spikes erupting from it.


This gauntlet basically acts as a giant pummeling device, capable of dealing damage even through armor. It holds enough force behind each blow to send even Shalltear flying.[1] If the knock-back were to be applied on equipment including armors and weapons, only weapons like Female Sensei's Iron Fist of Wrath would be able to pull it off. This was a weapon that had the sole purpose of creating shockwaves when the wielder punched the air. As a weapon that applied knockback to everything, it could also apply knock-back on equipment.[2]


  • It was used by Ainz in his battle against Shalltear Bloodfallen.
  • In Yamaiko's character image, it shows her wielding two such gauntlets.


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