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Fall of Inveria was an event that occurred around two hundred years ago in an alternate timeline New World.

Background[edit | edit source]

Dragon Lord Cure Elim Los Malvar, seeking more power to prepare for the next wave of Players from YGGDRASIL, used its control over Wild Magic to cast an unknown area of effect (AoE) spell that consumed the souls of everyone within a certain wide-ranging radius around Cure Elim. When Cure Elim casted it, the radius from using this spell stretched as far as 250 kilometers wide, managing to plunge four nations near Mount Keitenias to total ruin. Among those nations was Inveria and the Aina Miscegenation League.

Incident[edit | edit source]

From the first-hand accounts the Dragon Lord casted [World-Separating Wall] to prevent those within in the affected area from escaping.[1] Those targets who had their souls taken away from by this spell were turned into mindless zombies that are thralled to Elder Coffin Dragon Lord.[2] Keno was the only known survivor from her kingdom's fall, due to her Talent. The talent copied and cast Cure Elim’s Wild Magic spell accidentally and ended up causing Keno to absorb the souls of everyone around her which led to the undead phenomenon that occurred in her home city. This turned her into an undead just like Cure Elim. The spell is constantly active at all times, basically rendering her talent useless. Hence if she deactivates it by using her talent to save another spell, she'd turn into an unintelligent zombie. Thus five million souls of her entire countrymen from Inveria are trapped inside her.[3]

It was only until fifteen years after the event occurred that the surrounding nations around the nations that were afflicted, began to notice the undead that now inhabited the area. Named as the Undead Disaster, swarms of undead came spilling out of the affected regions and into neighboring lands causing great deal of damage to the surrounding nations. The surviving nations managed to quarantine the area infested by the undead leaving the areas a no man's land.[4]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Main Timeline[edit | edit source]

In the main timeline, the incident occurred when Keno was twelve years old. It is unknown of what followed after the resulting destruction, but in her timeline, Keno was held responsible for the affair. She was labeled a monster and named Landfall a vampire that could destroy an entire country. Hence this injustice forced her to assume the identity of Evileye.[5] Additionally due to a misunderstanding of the version of the kingdom's fall, it may have led to the invention of Spiral of Death.[6]

Alternate Timeline[edit | edit source]

In the alternate time, Keno Fasris Invern experienced this tragedy when she was ten, two years earlier than her mainstream counterpart. Staying in her ruined city for forty years, her path takes a different turn when she encounters Suzuki Satoru, a player from YGGDRASIL. The two become friends and rather than remain in the dead city, go on a journey together to learn a way to reverse the spell and turn Keno back into a human and restore her loved ones.[7]

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