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Eyeball Corpses (アイボール・コープス) are undead created using the spell 「Create High-Tier Undead 」 by Ainz Ooal Gown.


Eyeball Corpses are about two meters in diameter with a pink body. It has countless murky eyes which looks like they are haphazardly sewn together, using eyes removed from the carcasses of many different types of creatures.


Eyeball Corpses has an excellent visual ability, perhaps matching or even exceeding that of Aura’s vision as a ranger. Although their offensive power is low, their value resides in their surveillance ability rather than their combat levels. According to Ainz, Eyeball Corpses were the nemesis of stealthy beings, whether they used magic or skills to do so. Since their emphasis was on detection ability and not fighting power, Ainz's aim was to have them support Aura for targeting duties.[1]


  • Eyeball Corpses are used before the battle with Shalltear to assist Aura with locating the perpetrator who mind-controlled Shalltear.
  • In the Anime, Eyeball Corpses were not summoned before the battle with Shalltear.


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