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Exchange Box is a measurement and conversion tool used by YGGDRASIL players.


After returning from one of his quests, Ainz orders Albedo to get Pandora's Actor to use this item to appraise the various loot and weapons he acquired during his adventures, such as Clementine's weapons.[1] Currently, there is a plan to develop barley fields managed by undead and golems outside of Nazarick. His objective was raising them in bulk to be later placed in the box for the production of gold coins from YGGDRASIL

So far, using wheat flour can yield very little money from the Exchange Box. Hence, the reason behind why Ainz was attempting to mass produce them in numbers so more money can be made increasingly. Ainz has also been buying up iron ores from the mines of various regions and later throwing it in the Exchange Box. He was hoping to figure out about whether the origin of things like the iron ore will affect the monetary yield.[2]

Furthermore, for the future of the Sorcerer Kingdom, the aim of rebuilding the destroyed villages was for the purpose of collecting their produce as taxes and dump them into the Exchange Box.[3]


In the manga, it resembles a black rectangular box with a thin silver lining around the edges.


Exchange Box or "Shredder" allows anyone to exchange items for its gold equivalent. Users with Merchant Skills will get a better rate than those without. Whatever the object is worth monetarily, the amount of gold of its worth would appear if placed inside. The object is destroyed in exchange for the gold. The Exchange Box is not influenced by the appearance of the original object. Take for example, a detailed stone statue, the Exchange Box would ignore any workmanship and calculate its worth to be equal to a stone of the same weight. In other words, it will not judge the shape, history nor artistic value of items.[4]


  • Due to Pandora's Actor abilities, he is able to use Merchant abilities to gain a better rate for using this item.
  • If one bulk of barley is placed in the box, only one gold coin would be produced.
  • Ainz first referred to it as the Treasury's shredder.
  • In Overlord: The Undead Oh!, it has been clarified that the magic item only works on nonorganic items. In addition, if an item is placed in the "shredder" and has no value, the result would be that the item would be spit out as it is.[5]


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