Evileye's Road to Love (恋の前進大作戦) by O I moto Jirō (おИもとじろう) is the seventeenth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


On a quest, Momon and Nabe are seeking a rare item to kill a monster. Evileye 'coincidence' overhears them tells them that she has in her possession of what they seek. Momon accepts the item and wishes not to trouble Evileye. Though the fellow adventurer insists that she join as the item requires precision in time. Much earlier Evileye was suggested by her comrades in Blue Roses to slip Momon a love potion. She takes their advice, equipping herself with the various charmed potion.

The trio reaches the cave where the monster lies. Not wanting to miss her chance, Evileye tells Momon that there is a trap that only activates in the presence of males. However, she also informs him that the chest inside where the boss is can only be opened by a male. She gives him a potion that will and tells him to drink it. Momon declines not to drink it as it will just spill out of his bones. He gestures to Nabe who then distracts Evileye, giving time for Momon to pour out the potion and pretend that he drank it. Evileye seeing this is happy though she wonders why the potion is not taking effect but changes her mind when Momon stares at her intently. She takes this as the potion is working though, in reality, he is just thinking about how she nearly killed Entoma Vasilissa Zeta. She thinks that Momon is desperately trying to suppress his love for her, but due to his profession as an adventurer, he is prioritizing the mission. Excited by that he plans worked she barges forward into the cave helping complete the mission in acquiring the loot. Momon offers to split the reward but Evileye refuses to state 'this' is enough for her.

Evileye with her mask off, she realizes that using such trick on Momon is useless but takes comfort in completing a quest with the person of her affections.

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Chapter Notes

  • The love potion used is this chapter, is similar to the potion that Albedo and Shalltear used in Battle of Love.
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