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Evangelist is a job class that hailed originally from the New World.


Evangelist apparently seems to be a commander-type job class where it involves converting others to follow a certain belief through means of preaching to the public and get people to join their cause.[1] For instance, Neia's ideology as an Evangelist was that "The Sorcerer King is justice and weakness is a sin."[2]

Known Evangelists

Abilities and Powers

Evangelists possessed the capacity to utilize a special technique that influences the thoughts of others and those around them. It was said to be on the psychological level of brainwashing and manipulation. When an Evangelist uses their power on people who are traumatized by horrific events, that person's words can save them.[3]


  • Neia obtained two levels into the Evangelist class upon surviving the war with the Demi-Human Alliance.[4]
  • An Evangelist like Neia was not aware of her class ability as it is capable of indirectly affecting the words she says to her followers.


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