Eryuentiu (エリュエンティウ) is a city of the Eight Greed Kings, located in middle of the desert.


Five hundred years ago, the city served as the capital for the Eight Greed Kings. After the Eight Greed Kings fell into civil war with each other, this city is all that is left of their legacy. Though the nation built by these kings is gone, the city itself remains inhabited by thirty guards armed with overpowered magical weapons.

Two hundred years ago, the Thirteen Heroes visited the city. They were gifted with magical items from the era of the Eight Greed Kings to assist them on their journeys. Fluder Paradyne had also journeyed there, but was denied permission to acquire an item of his own.



According to hearsay, while the Eryuentiu is a metropolis city existing under its shadow. Through some sort of magic enchantment, the floating city can generate an unlimited amount of water, offering its bounty to the metropolis below.


  • According to Fluder, its name means "the tree in the center of the world" in ancient tongue.
  • Katanas are manufactured here and are highly prized in other countries.
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