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Almighty Supreme Beings

Ainz Ooal Gown

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta is one of Ainz's maids. Like the rest of the NPCs of Nazarick, she is absolutely loyal to Ainz and all his guildmates. She chooses to follow her master's plan over her own desires of killing Evileye during the events of the demon invasion of the Kingdom.


As her creator, Genjiro commands higher respect and loyalty from Entoma than all the other guild members and withholds her loyalty and alliegence to him first and foremost.

This reverence is fully shown during Entoma's battle against Evileye, where the latter insults not only her, but Genjiro as well, earning Entoma's immense hatred and causing her to go into a blind-homicidal rage.

Entoma, like the other NPCs, is also shown to revere the items and creations left behind by Genjiro as holy relics and the final connection to her creator, as seen when Entoma frequently sleeps and takes naps in the webs created by Genjiro in the 3rd and 4th floors of Nazarick and her taking them as her personal home.


Sebas Tian

Sebas is Entoma's superior.

Yuri Alpha

Yuri is the vice-leader of the Pleiades and Entoma's superior. Yuri thinks Entoma isn't a bad girl and the obedient child out of all her other sisters.

Lupusregina Beta

Entoma has a friendly relationship with her sister and colleague Lupusregina. They work together during the events of the demon invasion in the Kingdom as Jaldabaoth's servants.

Narberal Gamma

Narberal and Entoma are shown to have a very close and sisterly relationship due to them being programmed by their creators to see each other as sisters. Narberal, in particular, was designated to be Entoma's older sister and is shown to enjoy giving her gifts, such as fresh human flesh if given the chance, even during assignments. This is seen when she thinks about giving Khajiit Dale Badantel's roasted/scorched body to her as a present.

Entoma, like her other sisters, is jealous of her due to her closeness to Ainz.

CZ2I28 Delta

They share a very close relationship as sisters and colleagues. They also share the same feeling of jealousy towards Narberal due to her closeness to Ainz. The two of them fight over who the little sister is between them.

Solution Epsilon

Entoma has a friendly relationship with her sister and colleague Solution. They share the same hobby of eating humans. They work together during the events of the demon invasion in the Kingdom as Jaldabaoth's servants. They share the same feeling of jealousy towards Narberal due to her closeness to Ainz.

Aureole Omega

Aureole Omega is the leader of the Pleiades Seven Sisters, thus Entoma Vasilissa Zeta's superior. Due to being programmed to see each other as sisters by the 41 Supreme Beings, and Aureole being the designated youngest sister of the Pleiades, it's likely that Entoma also dotes and loves Aureole as her little sister.

Aureole is also the only human NPC in the entirety of Nazarick, thereby ironically, making her the only human being that Entoma does not see as food due to her not seeing her sister as a human.

Floor Guardians


Albedo is interested in recruiting Entoma to her side in the campaign for the position to be Ainz's queen. Albedo shares Shalltear's opinion of not wanting to go near Entoma because she eats the cockroaches in Kyouhukou’s room.

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear doesn't like the idea of being near Entoma. She is disgusted at the fact that she eats the cockroaches in Kyouhukou's room. This does not hinder any of Nazarick's operations, however.


Demiurge saves Entoma from the members of Blue Rose, Evileye, Gagaran, and Tia. He asks her to create illusions in the Kingdom for his plan, Operation Gehenna. Entoma also participates in his plan to make Momon a national hero. She plays the role of one of Jaldabaoth’s servants and fights against Nabe alongside Lupusregina and Solution.


Entoma is sent by Ainz to accompany and observe Cocytus in the war against the lizardmen. When the undead army under Cocytus's command is defeated by the lizardmen, Entoma reports it to Ainz, and then gives a message to Cocytus that Ainz is calling for him.

Area Guardians


While the two heteromorphic NPCs share insect traits, the cockroach is absolutely terrified of her as he considers her a predator. However, on the other hand, she is one of the few people in Nazarick that visits him at their own volition, even if only to grab a snack.


Entoma greatly respects Grant as one of the few in Nazarick with levels second to the Floor Guardians and a rare Guardian who protects areas on multiple floors. As such, Entoma feels it is disrespectful to weave webs near her territory in the 3rd and 6th Floors. Entoma refers to Grant as "Our Lady" or "Mother."

Blue Roses


When Entoma first meets Gagaran, she mistakes the woman for a man due to her bulky figure. However, regardless of the gender, she is very eager to devour her because of her muscular arms.


She holds a strong grudge against Evileye due to her humiliating defeat, losing her cute voice and insulting her appearance and her master, to the point that even when pretending to fight with her fellow battle maids as part of Demiurge's plans, she still gives out an aura of anger and hostility towards Evileye while the others are calm and collected. She even directly asks Ainz to give her a chance to fight Evileye again when given the chance as her reward, which he accepts.

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