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Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert: WARNING! This page happens to contain a lot of heavy spoilers that are all originated from the Overlord Light Novel series written by the author Kugane Maruyama. To every Anime-only watchers and Manga-only reader out there viewing this warning, please mindfully consider your decision first before choosing to expose yourself on reading the information below. If you're not currently up-to-date with the main source material in the official books, do consider staying away from the page for non-spoiler sake until you actually read it first ahead of time.

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta (エントマ・ヴァシリッサ・ゼータ, εντομα・βασιλισσα・ζ) is an arachnid battle maid and a member of the "Pleiades Six Stars," the battle maid squad of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She was created by Genjiro.


Overlord II EP11 182

Entoma's true form.

Usually, Entoma seems to have the appearance of a young girl wearing traditional Japanese attire. She has bright red eyes that never move or blink. She has mauve hair with twin chignons. She never exposes any bare skin except for her "face."

Her true form is that of an arachnoid, a spider-human hybrid. What acts as her "face" when disguised as a human, is actually an insect in the shape of a mask of a human face. Her hair seems to be rolled centipedes. Though she clearly appears inhuman in her novel illustrations, no one appears to notice her disguise and do not realize she isn't human till she takes her mask off.

She also disguises her voice as that of a young girl by using a leech that can steal the voices of its victims. It is unclear if the victim must be a human. Her own voice is harsh and grating, similar to that of Cocytus. Currently, she is using the voice of Arche Eeb Rile Furt.


Entoma likes to eat humans. Though she does not mind what kind of person she eats, her favorite part of a human happens to be the muscular arms of men. If there are no humans to eat, she eats snacks called "green biscuits" instead. She also tends to eat the insects inside the Black Capsule.

Despite treating humans as food, Entoma's nature is not considered extremely evil. If she comes across humans when she is sated and they do not bother her, she will ignore, and not eat them. She enjoys hunting for prey by weaving webs across Nazarick's 3rd and 6th Floors.

According to Entoma, she does not always act like a glutton. She likes to occasionally weave webs as a form of trap for prey. She does so simply for the thrill.

Entoma does not like her original voice. She becomes quiet after losing her fake voice. Thus, she does not speak unless it is necessary to do so in the presence of her master. However, Entoma is the type to harbor grudges towards anyone who damages her clothing or voice, like Evileye did, wishing to exact vengeance on them if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Entoma, like most of the NPCs made by the 41 Supreme Beings, takes immense pride and joy at her physical appearance, role, and job given to her by her creators. During her battle against the Blue Roses, where Gagaran and Evileye constantly insult her, Entoma in particular shows immense anger and hatred towards Evileye for mockingly asking her what kind of "sick freak" would want her to be their maid and serve them. This ends up causing her to enter into an unbalanced/uncontrollable homicidal rage for the insult not only towards her but, also her creator and the other Supreme Beings and severely damaged her sense of pride. Later, she promises Ainz that she would be the one to finish Evileye off, if ever needed. She hopes for Evileye to be the next victim she steals a voice from.


Entoma was created by Genjiro to be one of the battle maids, the Pleiades. They served as a last line of defense against intruders. However, because she is unlikely to be able to stand against enemy players who managed to come this far, her only real purpose was to distract the invaders until the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown were able to fully prepare for their final stand in the throne room.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

Entoma, along with her sisters, are ordered by Momonga to guard the 9th Floor. She and the other Pleiades were on standby in wait for Ainz Ooal Gown.[1]

The Dark Warrior Arc

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

Entoma tries to contact Ainz about a grave situation within Nazarick, but Ainz tells her that he will have to reply back later. Later, after Narberal Gamma defeats Khajiit Dale Badantel, she considers giving his burnt corpse to Entoma as a present.[2]

The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Main article: The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Entoma, Yuri, and CZ are sent by Ainz to help Narberal in her work as an adventurer.[3]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Entoma accompanies the invasion force and is ordered to evaluate Cocytus' progress in the upcoming battle against the lizardmen. After Cocytus' forces are defeated, she informs Cocytus about Ainz summoning him back to Nazarick.[4]

The Maid Tea Party Arc

Main article: The Maid Tea Party Arc

Entoma participates in the monthly Pleiades report and tea party. She is asked by Yuri to prepare the tea and snacks. When Narberal reports regarding her work with Ainz, Entoma and the others get jealous of her closeness with Ainz. She also acts envious towards her sisters, because all of them received orders directly from Ainz while she did not.

While eating, Entoma accidentally spills some blood in CZ’s drink. Because of this, she is forced to drink it as punishment for ruining her sister's food. When Solution talks about her favorite type of meat, Entoma asks if the quality of the meat really matters, considering the way Solution eats. She supports Solution's idea of asking Ainz to let them have one of the humans that are being interrogated while they're still alive.[5]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Nazarick's forces raid Hilma's Mansion. Among the forces, Entoma is the one in charge of killing and eating Hilma's bodyguards. She is spotted by Gagaran while eating a human hand. Gagaran insists on attacking despite being advised otherwise and they start to battle. Entoma overwhelms her at first, but Tia and Evileye join the battle and beat Entoma with the help of Evileye's insecticide spell, losing her Mouth-tongue Bug in the progress. However, just before she's about to be killed, Demiurge appears to her rescue.[6]

She later participates in Demiurge's plan to make Momon a lasting hero in the Re-Estize Kingdom. She, along with the other battle maids, plays the role of Jaldabaoth's underlings. She partners up with Lupusregina Beta and Solution Epsilon. They fights against Nabe and continues to do so until Jaldabaoth orders a retreat.[7]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

When Ainz inquires Entoma about what she would like as a reward for fulfilling her task in Demiurge's operation, she is given the permission to kill Evileye if she ever shows up again.

Entoma, along with her fellow Pleiades, except for Narberal, encounters Dragon Hunt on the surface of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. After Entoma watches the workers get slaughtered by the Nazarick Old Guarders, she thinks of eating the mutilated arms of the deceased, but is stopped by Yuri, who tells her that all corpses are to be collected for Ainz's experiments and those who survived are to be taken to the torture room.[8] Later, after Arche, a member of the worker group Foresight is killed, she uses her bugs to take Arche's vocal cords for her new voice while the rest of her body is distributed among the residents of Nazarick.

The Pleiades Day Arc

Main article: The Pleiades Day Arc

Entoma is seen on the surface of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, stationed in the log cabin while acting as a sentry. She is in the middle of snacking as Yuri and CZ come looking for her.

Upon being asked by Yuri if she is dissatisfied with anything, Entoma says that she wishes to have a place to weave a web of her own somewhere in the tomb.[9]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Entoma contacts Ainz through the [Message] spell. She requests for Ainz's return to Nazarick immediately, which he obliges to.[10]

The Half Elf God-kin Arc

Main article: The Half Elf God-kin Arc

Entoma was the Pleiades on duty at the Log Cabin when Ainz created a [Gate] connecting it to the treasury of the Elven Royal Castle. Once the link was created, her master moved all the treasures of the treasury to the cabin for her to sort and store away until their safety could be appraised. Whilst retrieving the loot, with several Death Knights, Entoma was surprised to see that another [Gate] formed, this time bring Ainz, Aura, Mare and a prisoner. Following her master's orders she brought out his and Mare's Rings of Ainz Ooal Gown to them. Ainz's ordered her to give his ring to Aura so she could transport their prisoner to the Frozen Prison. Before resuming her duty on collecting the elven treasures, Ainz asked the maid to stay a moment as he will be calling Pandora's Actor.[11]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

Entoma with the rest of her sisters greeted Narberal Gamma upon her return from the outside world. From the doppelgänger she gained some insight on human society and started practicing on how to communicate with them by referring them as "maggots". It gained some attention from Sebas Tian and Momonga who intervene to correct some misconceptions and focus their training on hospitality.[12]

On an assignment to guard the Crack on the 6th Floor, she worked with the dark elf twins and Shalltear. The maid noticed that the latter was looking depressed though her attention was drawn to dealing with killing what appeared to be a slime based Chaos Beast.[13] The insect maid would assist Yuri and CZ2128_Delta in cleaning several piles of discarded debris on the 6th Floor by smashing them into sand and stored for later use.[14]

Other duties during Nazarick's reconstruction included acting as a [Message] relay for all parts of the dungeon.[15] While cleaning the 6th Floor, Entoma got into an argument with CZ over who was the older sister among the two. To determine who was eldest the two Pleiades maids competed in some tasks from Chaos Beast subjugation, cleaning to servicing Momonga. In the end the two are told by Momonga the title of eldest did not matter as it was not a detail that worried their creators that much as in his opinion they wanted them to get along and not fight. Entoma hearing that decided to cease their competition and make peace with CZ, though it was temporary as the two maids got into a dispute over which chair they made for Momonga was better.[16]

When Sebas Tian noticed that morale was dropping due to the constant repairs of Nazarick and the attacks from Chaos Beasts, he instituted his own initiative to have the Pleiades provide hospitality to the Floor Guardians and other critical staff. Entoma for instance was sent to help the protagonist and Slimeko organize the books in Ashurbanipal.[17]

On Entoma's first missions outside Nazarick, the maid helped Demiurge converted an abandoned mine near E-Rantel into a dungeon as to drive away adventurers led by Blue Roses. Using her abilities, Entoma subjugated all the Hanging Spiders that lived in the cave network. When they failed to defeat the adamantite adventurers, the maid engages Blue Roses. However when Evileye casted [Vermin Bane] and killed one of her minions, it forced her to retreat.[18]

Entoma would be called again by Momonga to scout a mysterious island that was connected to Nazarick via a temporary [Gate]. After receiving some water-proof gear such as the swimsuit, Entoma provided the Pleiades, protagonist and Slimeko surveillance information on the island using her insect summons. Thanks to the swarm they the maids were able to locate an abandoned pirate hideout, where the Pleaides had to battle a Giant Mollusk in order to claim the pirates' loot.[19] Entoma would also be stationed at the mine to cull stray Stone Eaters that were busy eating Nazarick's hard worked, Prismatic Crystals.[20]

Entoma would be paired with CZ to chaperone some soldiers that came from beyond the Crack. While interacting with them on a training mission out in the skies of the New World, Entoma expressed some interest in eating the leader. The party is attacked though by by several flying type Chaos Beasts and a Giant Flying Chaos Beast which forced them to retreat.[21]

During a Nazarick event like the Nazarick Fighting Tournament, Entoma was part of Sebas Tian's team "Butler and Maid". In the third match of the first round, her team fought against Crimson Temple and lost.[22] Another event such as the Christmas party came to Nazarick, though Entoma was unable to participate as she was stuck on guard duty on the 6th Floor with CZ2128_Delta and Cocytus but could hear the complaints of her sisters from the canteen as they were cooking Christmas Cakes.[23]

At the time when most of the NPCs in Nazarick were being mentally influenced by a New Year's epidemic, Entoma found herself compelled to head to Fake Nazarick where it was transformed into a strange Chaos Zone. There she was encountered by Momonga and his team who were investigating the cause. Unaware of the danger to Entoma all was fine despite the eerie situation and concentrated cooking mochi, a skill she was temporarily given due to the mental control, using Mochi Type Beasts.[24]

When Shiramochi-ō, the mastermind behind the New Year's effect over Nazarick, was defeated by Momonga and his allies that should have been the end of the spell over the Nazarick and the NPCs, however the entity used the last of its power to restart time, creating a loop of the same events that led to the New Year's epidemic with some slight changes. Once again Entoma, was under the mental influence as in the previous timeline but rather than finding herself all alone in the middle of a Chaos Zone, she was with the Pleiades and Pandora's Actor waiting for Momonga and his team to play karuta. After Momonga and his team won, the party was given a treasure bag and mallet as prizes. The spell was broken after the character Shiro who was actually a regressed Shiramochi-ō willingly allowed himself to be killed by Momonga. Though the maid had no recollection of what happened.[25]

The insect maid would continue to serve Nazarick, called together with Narberal and Shalltear to clear the regions surrounding the dungeon of Chaos Beasts in the air.[26] Other times like during the second summit of the Tripartite Alliance, Entoma was stationed to lurk in the sewers to monitor the area near the venue of the conference. Using an insect summon to scout the surface, she lost contact with it. Worried she later used [Message] with CZ to learn that the inner city guards were having a skirmish with a riot of the people. In the commotion, she sensed that her summons was crushed underfoot by the mob.

The conference was disturbed by a greater threat of a horde of Chaos Beasts approaching the city. When the protagonist volunteered to head out to deal with the monsters before they reached the city, Entoma and CZ secretly met with him and his team at the north gate to support him. They cut through the waves of Contaminated Beasts and Chaos Beasts until they came across a Double Sword Chaos Beast. The two maids almost defeated the creature only for it to retaliate and use Martial Arts that sent Entoma back by its attacks. The beast was regarded as a severe threat and eliminated thanks to the combined might of the covert agents and undercover adventurers. Once it was killed credit was given to the protagonist to bolster his image.[27]

Entoma would interact with some new visitors from the Crack, and assist implementing a method that used dating to seal entity-like spirits. On one such occasion she monitored as date between Momonga and Albedo under the guidance of the visitors and also served Kinako Bread to a dangerous corrupt spirit.[28] More stranger occurrences happened like when Albedo temporarily became a maid, and helped settled a dispute with Entoma and CZ, the latter who was angry at the Arachnoid for eating one of Kyouhukou's subjects while they were cleaning the Lemegeton. The two would participate in a raiding drill on the 9th Floor in the event of an attack. During the drill the maids had to prevent the intruder, being Shalltear, from reaching Momonga.[29]

Entoma was sent out into the field with the Pleiades, acting as part of the vigilance team, shadowing the protagonist's mission to a seaside village to learn about a dwarf named Tsuibayaya who may have some connections with players. There the plan was complicated by the appearance of Blue Roses who were looking for the dwarf to acquire some armors he promised to the royal family. Entoma and the rest of the other Pleaides, with the exception of Solution and Narberal, kept to the shadows to avoid detection from the adamantite adventurers. It turned out that the dwarf was just a craftsmen who replicated items like swimsuits based on stories he heard. The dwarf wanted to create the perfect swimsuit but to do so he believed that he needed the scales of the Legendary Mermaid. As he refused to help the adventurers, he made a deal to have them retrieve the scales in exchange for his armors and services. After the adventurers agreed, the adventurers split to cover more ground. At that point Entoma and the rest of her sisters came out of hiding to assist the protagonist. Now equipped in her swimsuit, Entoma helped locate the place where the mermaid was said to live before she and the Pleiades retreated to avoid being seen by Blue Roses. Once the scales were acquired and given to Tsuibayaya, who finished making the Sage's Swimsuit and gifted it to Gagaran. Upon it completion and achieving his dream, the dwarf presented Blue Roses with the armors. However after they left the craftsmen was at a loss of what to do as he accomplished his life long dream. Taking pity on the dwarf, the protagonist had the Pleiades dress in their swimsuits to show the craftsmen the true swimsuits he was attempting to craft making him motivated to craft even better versions.[30]

A haunting of the Tob Forest began to occur, and blame was put on evil spirits that were angry for being neglected due to the absence of the Harvest Festival. With Carne Village abandoned, Nazarick felt that the only way to resolve this was to complete the event to appease the spirit. Entoma helped the Pleiades, Aura, Hamsuke and the Death Knight set up the event. The event was adapted to a Bon Odori and the maids wore yukatas to commemorate it. However during the festivities at the village, they were attacked by a giant fox. In the confrontation, Entoma had to snap CZ out of her enthrallment over the "cuteness" of the beast. While fighting it Entoma was surprised it could do magic similar to her talismans. As it turns out the giant fox was just a creature named Kyuko who spent a centuries long journey searching for beings similar to her. She had come to the Tob Forest hearing about the Wise King of the Forest and believed Hamsuke was a being similar to her. The hauntings were just her using invisibility while spying on Hamsuke and Nazarick's minions, the latter Kyuko assumed to be Hamsuke enslavers hence why she attacked. Once the misunderstandings were cleared up Kyuko was offered a place in Nazarick which she accepted and enjoyed the remaining hours of the festival.[31]

When a group of new visitors from another world came to warn them about the Waves of Calamity, Entoma was part of their entourage, guiding them to the Tob Forest to have them assist in the Chaos Beast subjugation. There Enotma sees Hamsuke who after one of the visitors comments about the hamster being delicious causes her to get hungry. The visitors to Nazarick would be attacked by another group that came out of the Crack who were under the belief killing them would prevent the Waves of Calamity. Entoma and the rest of the entourage were ordered not to interfere until both parties intentions were made clear and if they were threats to Nazarick. Once it was made apparent that the new group were clearly unreasonable and the aggressors to the conflict, Momonga ordered the security to engage them and protect the former group. The Nazarick agents made short work of the aggressors and prepare to eliminate them however the visitors of both parties seemingly vanished.[32]

At the time of the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth's attack on E-Rantel, Entoma posed as a Demon Maid and slaughtered the city guards that resisted the demons pillaging the city. The maid came into conflict with Gagaran who she engaged in battle, at which Yuri had to restrain her for getting too emotional in the battle.[33]

Another Nazarick competition was being hosted, this time with the prize being the honor of competing against Miyoshi, Momonga's bathing attendant. Entoma was a contestant in the Miyoshi Cup. The maid passes through the first three competitions, but fails on the fourth. The challenge was cleaning a room infested with cockroaches with the judge being Kyouhukou who has her disqualified for eating his subjects.[34]

Entoma handling communications outside Nazarick, received a priority [Message] from Cocytus that the Great Lake area was being frozen by a abnormal cold wave threatening to freeze the lizardmen and driving the native monsters from the northern monsters. A responses for the emergency was required and so Entoma along with Lupusregina and CZ were sent to determine the cause of the weather change. Before they left they were given Christmas Costumes to protect them from the frigid temperatures. They made their way towards the northern mountains following the source, on occasion fighting beasts they were trying to escape for the cold. Due to the extreme temperature Entoma used the meat collected from the attacking monsters to make a sherbet though was warned by Lupusregina that it would spoil her appetite. The maids finally came to a cave where the found a Crack and the Frozen Giant that was continuously bashing anything that emerged from the phenomena, its strength creating the wind pressure that was creating the cold front. The monster proves to be very formidable but Entoma was able to deduce a weakness in its structure allowing the maids to set fire on it and cause to crumble. After their successful mission the group returned to Nazarick just in time for the second Christmas party where Entoma engorged herself on meat dishes.[35]

Some old visitors to Nazarick returned being harassed by an evil clone of one of their associates. In a plan to seduce the clone and seal her power, Entoma participated in a plan to set up an open-air market where she and Yuri man several booths with goods to set the mood for the date.[36]

The Pleiades were called into session by Yuri to brainstorm some ideas on what kind of chocolate she should help Aura make for Project Valentine. Though Entoma's input on chocolate was less than helpful as she compared the confection to bugs from the Black Capsule. The maid was one of the judges for the taste testing for the chocolate confections.[37]

Entoma would also be present at the second campaign for LittleMass, and cheered alongside the general maids and her sisters at Acidity and Alkaline performances.[38]

In a performance test of Tsuibayaya's swimsuits against those in the Treasury Entoma would be among the participants of the test. Like the others she concluded that the dwarf's creations were still inferior to those in Nazarick's possession. When the "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet" was organized, Entoma chose to join Shalltear's Red Group. At the first competition called "Sandy Beach Obstacle Race" Entoma came in fourth place at the finish line. White Group won thanks to the extra points Albedo earned for defeating the obstacle monsters. In the second competition, which was the "Floating Island Survival", the maid was the third to jump on the platform and maintain her balance in the center of the float. However she was booted off the float by Narberal. The float would eventually break in half due to the weight of White Group. At the last competition of "Mix Gender Water Cavalry", Entoma served as one of Shalltear's supporters in the pool. Ultimately the game turned into a tie, though Entoma and the participants celebrated the game as it proved to be a fun experience.[39]

Later at a Tsukimi organized by Momonga for the NPCs, Entoma was eager to partake to try the various meat variety dango. At the moon-viewing Entoma and Lupusregina were seen happily chowing down on dango, though CZ asked them not to spray their food out while they were eating.[40]

At a formal Halloween Festival in Nazarick, Entoma dressed as in a Christmas Costume for the masquerade. As part of the festival Entoma was part of the team that was sent to fight against the villains of the event, Albedo and Narberal, for the defense training part of the festivities. She worked alongside Cocytus, rescuing the hostage/princess Neuronist on the 5th Floor from the 'evil witches'.[41]

Entoma would be one of the maids acting as escorts to a trio of magical girls that arrived in Nazraick via the Crack. Later she and her sisters would assist them in returning home by nullifiying the Chaos Beasts around the Crack in the Tob Forest.[42]

To fulfill a request by the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute for the Sorcerer Kingdom, Entoma along with Yuri were sent to escort the protagonist and Soi to the Azerlisia Mountains to act as advance guards to collect specimens for the researchers. Using her familiarity of the terrain Entoma helped to ensnare a Vulture with her webs. When the protagonist and Soi were called back by Surako to return to E-Rantel, Entoma and Yuri continue the hunt for more specimens. Later Entoma would join the Christmas party in the Amphitheater where her and Yuri's behind the scene contributions were hailed with praise. At the party Entoma got into a childish fight with Lupusregina and CZ over the werewolf's attempt to swipe more food for herself.[43]

At the orders of Momonga to prepare for a possible "New Year" event that would affect Nazarick, Entoma with her sisters did a "general cleaning" of Spa Resort Nazarick. Together with Sebas Tian they found no traces of anything.

Later when Momonga decided to forgo some caution against celebrating the "New Year" and host a Kakushigei Tournament, Entoma and the Pleiades were assigned to act as escorts with Sebas Tian and Pandora's Actor to protect the general maids in the spectator seats. Once again donning her kimono, Entoma enjoyed the opening ceremony and matches between the Floor Guardians. Once the tournament ended however, Entoma and the rest present in the Amphitheater found themselves transported in an odd Chaos Zone. The maid scouting ahead warned of the approaching Shadows.

Afterwards, whilst Momonga and his party went to investigate the Bishamonten Shrine, Entoma stayed behind with the others to ensure the safety of the general maids. Once Momonga and his party defeated the one responsible for the translocation, Entoma and the others were returned to the Amphitheater. She and the rest of Nazarick were introduced to Shiro, the current Ruler of New Year, and now an ally to Momonga. To celebrate this new friendship, the maid joined in the festivities in watching Shiro play spinning tops with Aura and Mare.[44]

Entom would be part of an ambitious plan of Demiurge's to fulfill Momonga's wish to convince two new visitors from another world to accept permanent residence in Nazarick by being as friendly and hospitable as possible that they would want to remain in the dungeon. Since one of the new guests was an insect-type like her, Entoma acted as a friendly face to the newcomer along with Cocytus. Later during a mock combat battle where Momonga and the Guardians were pitted against the two new guests, Entoma watched from the side cheering her spider friend on.[45]

For the Sorcerer Kingdom’s National Foundation Day Ceremony, Entoma and the Pleiades were charged by Sebas Tian to serve as security for the venue.[46] On the date of the National Foundation Day Ceremony, Entoma greeted the lizardmen delegation arriving at Fake Nazarick. Afterwards she and the Pleiades, minus Narberal and Solution, guided them to meet the other guests which included Hamuske, Kyuko and a Death Knight, at a separate chamber where both groups became reacquainted with each other. They were then escorted to the replica of the Throne Room for the ceremony. Along the way Entoma and CZ arranged for demonstrations of the security of systems of Fake Nazarick. At the banquet portion, Entoma's presence caused Kyouhukou to make himself scarce and hide in a corner of the room. The maid would later witness the unveiling of the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue which left her in awe.[47]

Entoma and her sisters were called again to participate in the live shows of LittleMass’s successor LittleMasStar. In the first live show, she and the Pleiades conducted a mock battle with the idols and later enjoyed watching the entirety of the idol campaign.[48]

When a re-summoning at the Throne Room, brought the same visitor and new faces back to Nazraick, Entoma acted as their chaperone. She guided the visitors to the 5th Floor to meet Cocytus so that he could test the the newcomers abilities. Afterwards Entoma was joined by Solution, CZ and Narberal in her escort duties with the guests on the 9th Floor. Solution separated from the group to assist one of the guests to his room. A little while later, Entoma and the others were shocked to a scene where the guest was fighting Albedo, Solution and Shalltear simultaneously. Unsure what to do, Entoma heard orders from Albedo to help them. But before she and the other maids and guests could, they were all hit by an attack that transformed all the people on the 9th Floor into exact copies of the target allowing him to escape.

Entoma was later brought up to date that one of the guests was suffering from a mental breakdown due to his abilities overloading. In order to help said guests she assisted the Darkness and their remaining guests in locating him, after Yuri and Lupusregina allowed the escapee to flee Nazarick. Once the fugitive was found in E-Rantel, he was brought to the Tob Forests where as part of his agreement to return with them peacefully was allowed to have dates with Entoma's sister: Solution, Lupusregina and Narberal. The date concluded with a battle with Pandora's Actor in Momonga's form. Once the battle ended with the guests having finally calmed himself, he and his female companions were whished away by an unknown party Entoma having reported what happen to Momonga, was told to investigate the area, though the Overlord sensed that it would be futile as their guests were most likely back in their original world.[49]

Entoma participated in the trial test of Casino Resort Nazarick. After three days playing baccarat and roulette, the Pleiades maid came in last place with the most chips. Using her winnings she selected a purse made by Albedo to store her snacks as her prize.[50]

When Nazarick rediscovered the isolated island that was explored by the Pleiades, Entoma was the only available maid to join the survey team.[51] When she came to the island with the new survey team, she, the protagonist confirmed it to be the same island they visited. To determine whether the island was truly in the ocean or in an inland lake, Entoma sent out her insect summons to go out beyond the island. They sadly were unable to determine the island’s location only that it was surrounded by a thick fog. Entoma continued her role as a summoner in using swarms her summons to scout ahead. Thankfully her summons reported that no intelligent beings had moved on the island since it was last visited, allowing the Sorcerer King to begin construction of a beachhead to conquer the seas of the New World as well as a fishery for their lizardmen allies.[52]

During the incident that saw the Great Tomb of Nazarick transform into Nazarick Academy, Entoma was mentally controlled and made to believe that she was a student at the academic institution.[53] At 5th period, Entoma witnessed Shalltear join the class as a transfer student, but took an immediate dislike to her as she disrespected Momonga. After the incident, Entoma was freed from the mental influence and was recovering.[54]

Entoma as part of the “Sorcerer Kingdom Daily Household Magic Item Fair” collaborated with Demiurge and Mare to devise a new and improved loudspeaker. After the item was crafted by Tsuibayaya it was presented at the fair. While the item could amplify the sound of a person, the voice came out distorted. Still the item was believed to have potential.[55]

In New Valentine's Plan, Entoma aided the team cooking the new prototype chocolates, by providing the material for coating the chocolates with resin to make them colorful and also edible.[56]

Entoma was in attendance for Nazarick's money lecture taught by Pandora's Actor to have her and the other field operatives be more familiar of the motivations for currency and how to use it in human society. The contents of the lecture were then put to use during an emergency operation to replace a batch of luxurious chocolates lost in E-Rantel to sanitary slimes. Entoma relayed communications to the active parties involved in reproducing the necessary chocolate sweets.[57]

After multiple Cracks appeared in E-Rantel, unleashing hordes of Chaos Beasts, half of the Pleiades and the entire team of Darkness had vanished, leaving their whereabouts unknown. During proceeding months, Entoma and remaining members of the Pleiades worried on the fates of their sisters.

Despite their absence, Entoma and the rest of her sisters resolved themselves to work hard in their memory for their master's benefit. For the second Greetings and Victory Festival, Entoma participated. Due to the possibility that someone could recognize her being associated with Jaldabaoth, Entoma worked from an inn suite overlooking the central plaza where the festival was being held. Her job was to provide surveillance and support to her allies on the plaza using her insect summons. Since Shall and Ku were amongst the crowd, it was believed that whoever had attacked the former in the Katze Plains might make their move. However aside from an armed entourage compose of the mayor and crown prince, no other suspicious threats approached Shall, leading to the festival to continue as planned.[58]

It was only when the protagonist returned safely with news that the lost were trapped on "other side" of the Crack was hope reignited for the Pleiades. Entoma joined the team for the rescue operation, equipped with specially made gear that could allow her to traverse safely through the "chaos environment". Using her insect summons to scout the area, she and the accompanying Shadow Demons located all the missing members of Nazarick. When Gazef Stronoff approached, Entoma and majority of the maids hid to avoid the Warrior Captain from recognizing them as the Demon Maids of Jaldabaoth.

Afterwards when the Warrior Captain left to bring Ramposa III and Brain back to the Re-Estize Kingdom she bore witness Enhela Read Gahi stepping out of the mists. From her hiding spot with her sisters, she watched as the priest interacted with Darkness.[59]

Entoma bore witness to seeing Enhela Read Gahi attempt to kidnap the protagonist, but he was stopped after Narberal and Lupusregina launched a flurry of magical attacks at him forcing him to retreat by summoning a Crack and vanish. The feat of the priest using teleportation magic confused the maids as such magic was impossible due to the magical interference of the Cracks. Entoma confirmed with her insect summons that the priest was truly vanished and not using any illusions. Though the Pleiades were more focused on what Enhela said to the protagonist. According to CZ who overheard the conversation, the Theocracy priest referred the protagonist as "brother" and that they were both servants of Kuyō, which demanded an explanation. However the answers they received had the protagonist admitting that he was a creation of the Sea of Possibilities and not a real NPC created the Supreme Beings.

Afterwards the Entoma and her sisters would deliver this information to Momonga personally. And while this put the protagonist under scrutiny, Momonga asked Entoma and her sisters on their personal opinion of this. Alas they did not have the words to express what they thought.[60]

Entoma also attended the banquet in the Amphitheater, welcoming Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself who joined Nazarick.[61]

She was later invited to the bar alongside with Yuri to a venue of the rock band Βγδth. There they were joined by Shalltear watched the show. After the show's conclusion, Entoma approached Lupusregina, the leader of the band, to expressing her delight to the rippling musical notes they played. And on their last live show, facing against LittleMasStar, Entoma was present in the audience in the Amphitheater.[62]

During the Rare Item Acquisition Day at Casino Resort Nazarick, whilst the general maids enjoyed a three day session experiment at the gaming tables, Entoma and the other Pleiades were assigned to fulfill the duties of the general maids in the interim.[63]

After Albedo received a report from her new subordinate Renner, from the Mysterious Island, the Overseer Guardian entertained having Entoma send a response for her. But decided that she should do it person as it was more appropriate for a supervisor.[64]

Momonga hearing that dwarves had bathhouses, asked Entoma and Yuri, who were heading to the lizardmen village to conduct an audit, to also question Zenberu as he had visited the Dwarf Kingdom before and was more familiar with their customs. Later after relaying the information to Momonga, she and her sisters were summoned to the Round Table Room, as their master wanted to selected one of them to be part of an expedition. The purpose of the expedition would be to investigate the dwarven bathhouses. To the surprise of Entoma and the other Pleiades it was Solution who volunteered to go.[65]

The maid along with Lupusregina and CZ were part of an escort for Renner and Slimeko to the lizardman village to deliver news that the demi-humans' request for an ice house was approved by the Sorcerer King and that they would be gifted an ice statue as a gift for their fealty. Entoma, the other Pleiades maids and Climb stayed out of sight from the village, until Renner and Slimeko were done with talking to the demi-humans. Entoma commented on the parade that the lizardmen gave the emissaries, musing it was almost like they were ready for a fight.

They accompanied the women to the Azerlisia Mountains to collect materials for Nazarick's Christmas party, defending the group from vultures and Chaos Beasts. At the party, the maid dressed in her Christmas Costume. She and her sisters were approached by Renner who thank them for their help to which they replied it was nothing. Entoma then proceeded to enjoy the cooked vulture meat at the table.[66]

During the preparations for Momonga's expedition to the Azerlisia Mountains with Shiro for New Year's, Demiurge suggested that Entoma should be brought along as an information gatherer. Though the maid was already relaying messages with the protagonist and Nazarick. and had send a notification to the homunculus about the Sorcerer King's excursion.[67]

Entoma was present in the emergency meeting as the Floor Guardians and Momonga analyzed the information disclosed by Enhela Read Gahi in his negotiations with the protagonist in a ruined E-Rantel. The maid noted to Momonga on Enhela two main goals, one being to do his role by his "god" and another, which concerned Entoma as did Momonga. Later when an unknown disembodied voice rang out through Nazarick, the order to evacuate was made by the Sorcerer King. Entoma teleported to the Central Mausoleum where to her surprise found the field team also there, having been brought there by Enhela who announced to all those present that he was in control of Nazarick.[68]

END of NON-CANON content


  • In the Web Novel, Entoma's facial features were described as having an extremely noble face, with stiffly bound eyes that could not be seen, a mouth that was closed to the point that it seemed that she disliked talking, glossy black hair that was held up in a side-up hairstyle. Her skin was black. Her maid uniform was black as well and was described to be more armored in appearance than that of Narberal Gamma.
  • Her name 'Entoma Vasilissa' is Greek for 'Insect Queen'.
  • In the first episode of Season 1 of the anime adaptation, the appearance of Entoma's Mask Bug is shown with its eyes closed when she and her other sisters initially appear.
  • In Mass for the Dead, Entoma create a human identity for herself. Under the name Enrissa, the maid became a student at the Imperial Magic Academy. There she created a reputation of being the most talented magic caster that specialized in ice magic gaining her the title of "Blue Indigo Ice Water". Her abilities made her recognized as a top-talent, surpassing her fellow students and teacher. Her backstory while in the human world is that she is from an lesser noble house that has hit hard times.
    • The title "Blue Indigo Ice Water", (青藍氷水), is a Japanese parable that the disciple who was taught exceeds the master.[69]


  • (About Food): "While the fat of women's meat makes it tender and children's meat tastes good despite having less fat, eating the meat of a muscular man is best when trying to lose weight."
  • (To Gagaran): "Heh, do you like to spin things around and make woosh woosh sounds?"
  • (To herself about Evileye): "What did this woman just say to me? Me, a Pleiades Battle Maid of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, one who serves the Supreme Beings?"
  • (To Gagaran, Tia, and Evileye): "OnLy To yOu GuYs! i WIlL Show YOu WhaT TRUe TERrOR MEAnS! aftER KIlliNG YOu GuYS i WiLl TUrN You AlL into COrpse DoLLs!"
  • (About Evileye): "tHat lItTle bRaT ToOk mY VoicE! i WAnT To lEt HeR fEeL wHaT iT’S LikE!"
  • (About Evileye): "If iT wAs Up tO Me I WoUlD fIgHt hER tO tHe DeATh!"
  • (To Ainz about Evileye): "In tHAt cAse...AInZ-sAma, iF tHe cHanCe to kiLL tHat bRaTty giRL sHows uP, pLeASe leT me kNow. I wANt heR to alSo eXpeRIenCe tHe fEeLing of loSiNg heR voICe."


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