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Enri Emmot (エンリ・エモット) is the Chieftain of Carne Village and the older sister of Nemu Emmot. She is the wife of Nfirea Bareare and General of the Goblin Army.


Enri is described as a fairly beautiful young girl in her mid-teens, lightly fair skin, with blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears woolen clothes and her hair tied into a braid. Since her introduction, she has increased her muscle mass in her arms and legs, from training and chores around the village, though she tends to hide her new muscled form with long sleeved long dresses.


Raised by a loving family, Enri has grown up to be a kind person but has shown to have a strong character, such as her carrying out her chores without complaint. Also seen when she is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her little sister's life with the knights who followed them after attacking Carne. Following her election to Village Chief, she has shown great leadership and defending the town from monsters with the other villagers and Goblins. Her memory was wiped by Ainz, but a small subconscious part of her mind shows favor to not judge others based on looks alone, this attitude has favored her to recruit powerful demi-humans like Hobgoblins, Ogres and later, Orcs. She is known as a kind and just leader, which Ainz compares to his friend Touch Me. A running gag for her personality faults is the goblins, and other demi-humans telling embellished tales of her strength, charisma and leadership, much to her chagrin, as it paints her as more masculine then she really is.


Growing up in Carne Village and living there all her life, Enri has always lived the life of a simple farmer's daughter. Due to her healthy lifestyle, Enri has grown to be physically fit to the point where she is considered as one of the strongest five in the village.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

When Carne Village gets attacked by Imperial Knights, Enri tries to escape with her little sister. They run into the surrounding forest, but the assailants eventually caught up to them.[1] However, before she is killed, they are saved by Ainz Ooal Gown, whom they thank for his help. Upon saving the two, he then offers Enri a healing potion, though her little sister holds her back as she doesn't trust him.

Albedo, who joins shortly afterward, gets enraged that the two are rejecting his generosity and raises her axe to kill them but is stopped by Ainz. He then takes a moment to explain it was a healing potion, and then after drinking the healing potion, her wounds heal immediately while she looks on in surprise. Before heading towards the village, Ainz casts two protective magics around them and throws two goblin horns for them use to protect themselves.[2]

The Dark Warrior Arc

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

Nfirea's group arrives at Carne Village, only to be welcomed by a group of goblins who were more intelligent than what the Adventurers were aware of. As the goblins attempted a parley, their master was revealed to be Enri, who later explained to Nfirea how and where she got the goblins. As Enri mentions Ainz's name though forgetting what his face looks like, due to having her own memory erased by him, she also tells him about a red potion that healed her and mentions Albedo's name. These clues lead Nfirea to conclude that Momon is Ainz Ooal Gown, but he does not share this revelation, leaving Enri confused by his suddenly leaving.[3]

The Two Leaders Arc

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

In the morning at Carne Village, Enri prepares breakfast for herself, Nemu, Nfirea, Lizzie, and the Goblin Troop. Enri finished her farming for the morning with one of the goblins named Paipo and prepared to return home for lunch. At that time, a goblin rider, Kyumei came and warned something strange was happening in the forest. However, as there is a rare herb that can only be collected during the short season, Enri wants to go deep inside the forest.

The next day, Enri accompanies Nfirea and the goblins to explore the forest and searching for both herbs and information about the forest. During the work, they find a Barghest chasing Agu. Enri decides to help him with the help of Nfirea's magic. Enri commands the goblins to slays the Barghest. After rescuing Agu, he tells them about the situation in the forest. At night, She was awakened by Jugem, leader of the Goblin Troop and inform her about the five ogres that they captured at the forest. She was asked by Jugem to act as the leader of the Goblin Troop in front of the ogres and succeeds in gaining their recognition. Enri was requested by Nfirea to go to E-Rantel without him for three reasons: to sell the herbs they gathered, report Carne Village's situation to the Adventurer's Guild and go to the temple to see if there are people willing to move to the village.

Hence, Enri later left Carne Village to visit E-Rantel, but only to get into trouble due to her last Horn of the Goblin General that she received from Ainz Ooal Gown. As the magic caster of the gate noticed the huge power of the horn, the tremendous value and magical power therein the item made Enri highly suspect. But before being detained by the authorities, Momon comes in and stands to guarantee for her that she is trustworthy. After being released from custody, she learned that the horn is worth several thousand gold coins and wonders if Gown didn't know its value, if he knew but still was generous, or if he had plenty. Enri visits the Adventurer's Guild and explains about the situation in the forest. At first, the receptionist doesn't show much interest, but after some time she desperately asks the detailed about the information.

After she returns from E-Rantel, Enri was proposed to become the new head of Carne Village which greatly shocked her and she doesn't approve of the proposal. She tries to refuse it, but the village chief tells her to consider it and gives her a time to think. After she left the village chief's house, she thought that everyone in the village thinks too highly of her. For starters, the goblins that everyone says are her strength, they weren’t even allies. She just made with her own charisma and her connections to Ainz Ooal Gown. She gets advice from Lupusregina and Nfirea about her being the village chief. After hearing their advice, she decides to become the next village chief before she changes her mind.

A few days later, monsters from the forest attack Carne Village. At the gate, the goblins and vigilance committee fights against them, yet another troll attacks the backside of the town. Enri and Nfirea discover a troll during their way back from the shelter for non-combatant, and Enri decides to earn time till the battle of the gate ends. At first, they succeed to confuse the troll by disguising the smell, yet eventually, the troll notices the trick and chases them. Enri was confessed by Nfirea that he loves her and solely fights against the troll so that she can ask for help. And just before his death, Lupusregina appears and saves his life. At the same time, the battle of the gate also culminates in a victory. Nfirea and Enri become lovers after the fight.[4]

Alongside Nemu and Nfirea, Enri was invited to pay a special visit to Nazarick for reasons such as to celebrate the success of developing the new potion. During their temporary stay in Nazarick, she can't even relax because she's afraid that she may break something that would offend her savior but was told by the regular maid of Nazarick to relax and enjoy her tea which calms her.[5]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Crown Prince Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself and his army arrive just outside the gates of the fortified village. Enri following her duties as chief greets the messenger from the gate, but she refuses to allow them to enter the village to keep the existence of her goblins and ogres a secret. However, though she is cordial, she refuses to cooperate after hearing of the accusations toward Ainz Ooal Gown being an enemy to the Kingdom. The Crown Prince launching fire arrows at the village is the catalyst that sends the village to secede from the Kingdom. Enri was forced to evacuate with the non-combatants at the insistence of Jugem.

When the Kingdom's army pursued the non-combatants, Nfirea stays back to let Enri escape with the non-combatants. Remembering the first attack, Enri used the second horn with all her force, which managed to summon 5,000 powerful goblins due to her level up in class Commander and the conditions of her home setting being under attack. This newly summoned army repelled the Crown Prince's Army and Carne Village was saved.[6]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Enri and Nfirea have been married for approximately six months, living peacefully in the Sorcerer Kingdom. Upon waking up and preparing for the day, she contemplates on the higher quality of living in Carne Village, the Goblin Army, and the newly immigrated dwarven runesmiths which have changed her village into a prosperous small city. She was later greeted by Lupusregina, who lamentably informed her of Ainz Ooal Gown's rumored death.[7]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

In this continuity, Enri's parents were killed by Chaos Beasts and she became the de-facto village chieftain after the previous chieftain was killed during an attack on the village by Contaminated Beasts. To save Nemu's life, she urged the younger girl to go an find help while she remained in the village protect the remaining villagers. To save what was left of her home, Enri and another villager named Morgan lured the monsters to the Tob Forest in hopes they could get the Wise King of the Forest to fight them off. The plan failed as the beast was nowhere to be found and the two were separated. Nemu brought help in the form of adventurers and the protagonist, but by then Enri was killed by a Quadruped Chaos Beast. The rescue party took what was left of Enri's remains and buried her in the village.[8] Months after her death, Nfirea Bareare took her death very hard and was noted to descended into a great depression. His grandmother Lizzie hired the protagonist and his team to collect some mementos of Enri from the abandoned village to give Nfirea some closure.[9] However Enri's death still ate at Nfirea's mind, drastically changing his personality to a cold sociopath. The boy devoted his every hour to devising a way to enact his revenge on the Chaos Beasts for Enri's death.[10][11]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers

While Enri herself is weak compared to adventurers, the Goblin Troop she commands can be considered quite strong. She has been training her command abilities by leading the goblins in different situations such as their battle with the Barghest. Her commanding skill increases and she now leads a professional army of 5,000 goblins summoned from the second horn. In fact, she has complete control over a large, powerful military force that can even defeat both the Royal Army and the Imperial Army.

Job Classes

Main Equipment

  • Horn of the Goblin General (Expended): She had two of these items given to her by Ainz after he casted a protection spell over them. When Enri used the first horn, she conjured the Goblin Troop which aided her in quickly fixing up the village and hunting for food and materials. After fulfilling three conditions during the Crown Prince's attack, she was able to successfully summon the Goblin Army by blowing the second horn.


Nemu Emmot

As Nemu is her little sister, Enri deeply cares about her wellbeing and is willing to sacrifice her life to protect Nemu from danger. She's now currently taking care of Nemu after their parents' death, and trusting on her during errands or chores around the village. She is even perceptive of her little sister's change in behavior, once the spoiled child now the responsible little sibling helping her big sister.

Ainz Ooal Gown

While originally weary of the undead Player, Enri views Ainz as the savior of Carne Village and thanked him for saving her and her younger sister's life. After her village was saved, Ainz edited her and Nemu's memories but she still held a sense of loyalty for the magic caster as his actions were motive for her allegiance. When the village was rebuilt, she wanted to thank him properly if she had a chance to meet him again, and continued thus by leading it as village chief and defending it with her newly summoned Goblin Army. Even after the news of him being an undead became public knowledge, her opinion of Ainz did not change and she remained loyal to him. As she engages with him more and more, she becomes more aware that Ainz is hiding behind a persona, and has similar anxieties about leading others.

Nfirea Bareare

Enri originally saw Nfirea as a good friend due to his frequent visits for the herbs and pleasant presence to be around, but she was unaware of his true feelings for her until he finally confessed his love for her during the nighttime battle, to which she reciprocates afterwards and the two became officially a married couple a short while later. However, she still tends to misunderstand Nfirea's feelings.

Lupusregina Beta

Lupusregina is the battle maid sent by Ainz to protect the Carne Village and has a friendly relationship with Enri. Due to their closeness, when Enri was elected village chief, she asked her for some advice, however she remains unaware of her true and sadistic personality. On the other hand, thanks to warnings from her Goblin Army, Enri has started to catch on to Lupusregina's true nature and likely is developing a greater caution of her. Later in the series, Lupusregina begins to respect Enri, seeing her as a proud member of the Sorcerer Kingdom and going as far to say that she is the only human she'd ever acknowledge as an equal.

Goblin Troop & Goblin Army

The goblin troops are all loyal to Enri and are willing to even prioritize her safety over themselves and their own race; and she, in turn, cares very deeply about them are is very grateful for protecting her village. The care and interpersonal connections between Enri and her first Goblin Troop, and subsequently the army, reciprocate this loyalty and devotion. She has come up with all their names, and is very creative in doing so.


The ogres of Agu's tribe, as well as the ones originally under Guu, were rescued by Enri's Goblin Troop from the Great Forest of Tob. They agreed to obey the young girl and refrain from eating the villagers so long as they were properly fed. After the Second battle of Tob, the Ogres were permanent residents helping build Carne along with the Goblin Army and Dwarven Runesmiths who also became permanent residents. They even become more intelligent under her guidance, far outclassing wild ogres. Also Enri insists they bathe once a day and make sure they understand hygiene.


  • Ainz regards Enri Emmot as the 2nd most important person in Carne Village behind Nfirea that Lupusregina must protect and to keep them alive in any situation.
  • Ainz is dumbfounded by Enri's growth, comparing her to a protagonist of a manga. And is even baffled at her ability to summon a Goblin Army, and talk Ogres into joining her "Tribe" often hyping himself up to not be left behind in diplomatic missions.
  • Enri's situation is very similar to Ainz: suddenly becoming a military leader, and tries acting as the qualified leader in front of her subordinates.
  • So far, Enri Emmot is the only known human in the New World right now to lead an army of goblins and other Demi-human species such as the ogres.
  • According to her official profile, she is one of the five strongest humans in Carne Village.
  • Enri levels up incredibly fast without killing monsters, being level one during the attack of the Sunlight Scripture and reaching level six around four months after, during the events of the second Carne Village Battle. It is unclear if she is higher than level six or ten after the Third Battle of Carne Village. This is because of her leadership skill she acquired when she blew the first horn, she gets a pool of experience equal to the goblin troop's XP. This skill then was replaced with the Army General Skill when she blew the second horn, which makes her level up extremely fast anytime any of her subordinates is engage in battle.
  • Her stamina is ridiculous. Her husband Nfirea has to take stamina potions just to keep up with Enri's sex drive. This may be side-effect of her leveling up way higher than him.
  • In the Web Novel, due to her command of many goblins and rumors of her bathing in the blood of her enemies, it was assumed by other goblins that she was a Redcap.[12]
  • She is a known empath, showing later in the series to understand Ainz is using a persona, and feels like he is just as conflicted with his life as a leader as she is. She even feels that Ainz is more human then his appearance would say.


  • (To Nfirea Bareare): "I still have a little sister. I can't lose myself in sadness forever."
  • (To Nfirea about Ainz): "Hm? Mm, I'd like to thank him properly. The village came together with the idea of building a little copper statue for him because he saved us, and I need to show my gratitude too..."
  • (To Nfirea): "...Everyone has something they'd want to hide when brought before the gods, especially things which would hurt others if spoken. But it's a different matter if hiding those things would hurt others...Nfirea, I won't hate you for it, but if you've committed any crimes, you need to confess your sins to the magistrate!"
  • (To Lupusregina Beta): "This village is our village. That means we should do as much as we can by ourselves. Although some people will think that I shouldn't be babbling pretty words since I can't fight and have no battle experience..."
  • (Out loud to herself): "I've only just become chief of the village. It's like I'm being tested by some Evil God...Hmph..."
  • (To those present about Magic Casters): "It's okay if it's Nfirea or the goblins, but magic-users are cheating bastards."
  • (To Jugem): "Then...while we prepare to flee, we should ask them why they came. Fighting...is a last resort."
  • (To the villagers): "Everyone! Right now! Everyone here is going to decide what we, as a village are going to do! Whatever the decision, I hope you will abide by it!"
  • (To both the villagers and Jugem in regard to Ainz): "Then ― we fight! We fight to repay the debt we owe! Jugem-san! I'll leave the battle plan to you!"


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