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Enhela Read Gahi (エンヘラ・リード・ガヒー), Enhera Lido Gaby is a character appearing in Mass for the Dead. He is the assistant of Cardinal Raymond Zarg Lauransan.


Enhela is a young man with short white hair and violet eyes. As a priest, he wears white and blue vestments.


A calm individual that always aims to smile, he appears to have an air of mysteriousness.


Enhela sometime after the Catastrophe was promoted as Cardinal Raymond’s assistant.


Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

Enhela accompanied Cardinal Raymond Zarg Lauransan to E-Rantel for a summit of the three human nations to address the effect of the Catastrophe.[1] He later attended the summit of leaders from all three countries alongside Raymond. During a mock battle between the national representatives of the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire, he acted as a referee. When Gazef Stronoff and Soi were the last ones to face against Fluder Paradyne, the priest intervened and demonstrated his abilities to nullify Fluder's spell on the two pinned combats. His reason for ending the match before a winner could be decided was to address the issue of an invading force of Chaos Beasts approaching the city.[2]

Enhela later returned to the Theocracy capital with Raymond and was present at a meeting with what were presumably members of the Six Cardinals. He and Raymond, gave their colleagues the news in E-Rantel and were present when a new update from the city was received. Enhela was shocked that the Empire had begun to increase it military forces in the city, putting the unity of the Tripartite Alliance in jeopardy.[3]

Abilities and Powers

So far the extent of his abilities are unknown, but he is a healer. In addition he was able to dispel Fluder's triple magic with a wave of his hand.


  • Middle Heal: Heals allies.
  • Resistance +: Reduces magic damage received by allies.
  • All Regenerate: Gives recover to all allies over time.


  • In Mass for the Dead, Enhela appears in Chapter 6 of the mobile game but is formally introduced in Chapter 7.


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